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2/18/12 10:36 P

As a full-time employee who's a single mom, it's understandable, although if this is a change, I would definitely consult with my doctor. Sounds like you need to incorporate some balance into your busy schedule and maybe look into a site like for help with taking care of the house. I've found her to be very helpful in devising an energy-conserving way to keep the house clean and meals on the table.

Good luck to you...

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2/18/12 10:32 P


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2/18/12 10:15 P

The things that first come to mind to investigate as possibilities are iron deficiency anemia, Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin B12 deficiency, thyroid issues, gluten issues, and insulin resistance (I have blood sugar issues, and feel HORRIBLY tired if I eat many carbs).

2/18/12 10:02 P

I think SARAGWYNE has some great points. They also have blood work for gluten allergies which is how my Mom found out she had a bad gluten allergy. Again, stress to your Dr to run them all! There is one for vitamin D, too. I was very deficient and went on large doses of D until I got it up and went on a maintenance dose?
Take care and let us know how it goes!

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2/17/12 10:04 A

try to get some vitamins in too you may be short on something. I have to really watch my electrolite levels (potassium, calcium, sodium) and I know I was short on calcium & vitamin D. A blood test can tell you if you a running low on something

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2/17/12 9:48 A

It's frustrating. I know! There may be many different reasons or something very specific. Seeing a physician is a good idea. But don't stop there if your doctor says you are healthy. For years, I struggled with low energy, joint pain, unexplained weight gain and bloating even though my doctor pronounced me healthy. I followed a recommended "healthy diet" with lots of whole grains, I counted calories and exercised regularly. It was only by paying close attention to how my body reacted to certain foods that I finally unlocked the key to my health and weight loss. Now I am gluten free and, finally, pain free, energetic and seeing results. Your body will respond when you give it what it needs. My best advice is to pay close attention to how your body responds to the foods you eat and how you feel afterward. Notice cravings, your digestion, sleep patterns, etc. Everything is a clue which can help you unlock the key to your healthy life. You have to become the expert on you. And, you are worth it!

2/17/12 2:24 A

Sounds like you might be anaemic, simple blood work will check, just see your Dr and tell him you are always tired! Also, possible sleep apnea? Tell your Dr!
Good Luck! emoticon emoticon

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2/17/12 12:19 A

Go get a check-up and make sure that everything is ok.

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2/16/12 11:30 P

Sometimes you have to get it started to get it started... once you commit to moving more, it will seem easier. Good luck!

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2/16/12 10:16 P

Have you tried seeing a doctor?

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2/16/12 8:14 P

I have no energy, I don't care how much sleep I get. I need to know I'm tired of feeling this way. No energy to exercise, clean house, etc. Does anybody have any tips, advise on how to get your energy level up? I'm only 41 years old I do have a full time job and I'm a single mom.

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