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1/28/12 11:27 P

I, too, have allowed myself to be sabotaged by the scale. No more. A couple of years ago I bought a Wii Fit and tossed my 1970-vintage scale. At first I totally dreaded weighing each day because it controlled my feelings about myself--down=good/up=bad. I actually went through a phase where I'd move the scale around hoping for a more positive result. I can't NOT weigh because I play games. I know weight can vary even when I'm doing everything right; failing to weigh gets me into avoiding accountability. Since I started with SparkAmerica about 10 days ago, I've lost 5 lb. I have a long way to go, but I know it comes off one pound at a time--pretty much the same way it went on. I just don't want to play games any more with my food OR the scales.

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1/20/12 9:59 P

Yeah, it was a fun thread!

I got a Goodie from one of my team leaders the other day, telling me I was the biggest loser on the team in the last 5 weeks, and it made me think of this thread, because since I weigh every day, I had no idea I had lost 17+ pounds in 5 weeks, because to me, it looks like it goes down some, then up some, then down for a few days, then up some, etc., etc. :-)

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/19/12 7:07 P

I miss your posts on "no more scale!!!"

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/17/12 8:46 P

you're not a failure, none of us are, just remember that....all we can do is try. emoticon

JEANNINEMM68 Posts: 505
1/17/12 7:56 P

I HATE the scale. It seems like every time I step on all it does is go up. I hate the feeling that it gives me like I am a failure. I know that I need it to keep myself accountable so I must suffer through it. If I do not I just go free rain and it gets out of control fast.

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/17/12 6:01 P

Wasn't going to weigh myself today because last time I did I had gone up a 1.5 lb., but really do like the gauge and have a range I would like to stay within. I was surprised I was down .5 lb. this morning and did not think I would be so that was good. Only 1 lb. to where I was, of course that is still 3.5 lbs. from my goal weight that I haven't been at in years. The thing that works for me is that I know I have to watch it now today. The only time I don't weigh myself is if I know my weight is going to be up, as I still am one of those that gets disappointed.

FUNSTYLE Posts: 180
1/17/12 3:22 P

I didn't weigh myself for years which has caused a few problems but yeah, I just go with how my clothes fit and lately am more interested in measurements/ body fat % than scale weight. The scale tells you very little about your overall health.

1/17/12 2:04 P

I weigh almost every day. When I journal about weight changes, I also try to include some NSV's, non-scale victories. I get motivation from both sources. I do think I place too much emphasis on the number on the scale.

JUNETTA2002 Posts: 11,293
1/17/12 9:05 A

I do the daily WII weight in thing and do the body test. Somedays it not a good thing then others it gives me that push to keep going.

THEIS58 SparkPoints: (154,728)
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1/17/12 6:08 A

Daily weighing has helped me understand the relationship between food (for me) and my weight... Does go up and down 2-3 pounds regularly. Wish there was something better but will keep the scale for now.

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/16/12 7:03 P

Welcome back and good luck, there are great tips on this site and many of us have different view points.

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1/16/12 6:36 P

In 2010-2011 I worked out 180 days consistently, never felt or looked better. Missed a day, then a month, and now nearly a year later I am so out of a routine- and out of shape. I literally fear the scale now as I know I will have a heart attack when I see where I am, likely at my heaviest.
I belonged to Sparkpeople years ago - so long ago in fact I forget my username/password. To start fresh I have committed to a new profile, new way of thinking, and a new and fantastic me this year- even better than before! As far as the scale goes, I plan to avoid it as long as I can. Just like with age it's not the numbers that matter it's how you feel! And when I feel better I may make the leap on the scale and be pleasantly surprised at my results.

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/16/12 1:45 P

we all have these moments emoticon

KIHTEH86 SparkPoints: (3,741)
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1/16/12 11:57 A

I am soooo close to throwing my scale out into the snow. It measures to the .1 lb. For the past two weeks, I've been exactly 135.2. Exactly! On some days it goes up when I eat too much sodium, then yesterday I did a kind of sodium detox and, bam, right back down to 135.2. Either my body is incredibly efficient at holding onto my blubber (or whatever else, since I do strength train), or the thing is just screwy.

In comparison, my boyfriend's weight fluctuates pretty normally when he steps on the thing. He's 6 feet tall, roughly 170, and he eats junk a lot of the time. It goes up and down at normal little 1-2lb intervals depending on what he's eaten, etc.

I don't get it!! I think it just hates me. This same scale has done this to me before, only at a different weight, and not for 2 friggin' weeks!

So, yeah, gonna go cry now. And eat breakfast.

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/16/12 11:44 A

Well, as I mentioned, I lost 1.5 lbs. over the last couple of days, and didn't want to even weigh myself yesterday since I had splurged on bread and butter, and sweets. Even though I am a daily weigher, I sometimes I cannot bring myself to weigh. I did weigh this morning and have gained the 1.5 lbs. but didn't beat myself up as usual, just got back on the horse and will keep going. I was at the same weight for two weeks and now I am back there again. However, I have found when weight is gained quickly, if you watch it, most often you can take it off right away. I weigh myself to know my starting point and discipline myself during the day, which would be today. I am going out for lunch so will watch what I eat, not eat breakfast (bad) and eat a light dinner.

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1/16/12 8:11 A

I do my best to avoid the scale! My primary goal is to lose the body fat, and replace (a healthy amount) of it with muscle. With muscle weighing more than fat, my trainer told me to toss the scale, and focus on what I see in the mirror. So far it's going great! I hate that feeling of weigh in, and seeing I only lost 0.5 pounds emoticon But then I remember, I lost body fat and am replacing it with muscle emoticon

AEGISHOT Posts: 4,577
1/16/12 3:48 A

I try to weigh myself just once a week (Saturday). But I also weigh depending on the way I feel. I know it when am gaining and I know it when am loosing, so I jump on the scale to confirm the way I feel.
The scale had not done me too much good either, it has a way of discouraging me when it rises and encouraging me when it falls.

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1/15/12 11:49 P

KRISAMZ, that's great if that works for you, but people are different, and for some of us, it's more useful to weigh every day. That's what I do, and I'm doing great.

HEMAMALINI100 Posts: 3,099
1/15/12 4:00 P

I weight myself everyday too which I got to stop. Because when the day I am little lighter, I feel happy and end up eating more, the day I gain I am depressed I think o I have screwed up anyway might as well eat more.
Not a good idea at all I should do the weekly and trying to do that now.
Little bit better this week since I weighed myself every other day

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/15/12 3:23 P

As I have noted, I am a daily weigher, but I went out for dinner last night and ate a lot of bread and butter as well splurged a bit on sweets = not my usual bad splurge, but enough that I didn't want to weigh today so Iidn't. I didn't want the disappointment because I have been losing weight. I do lose and like some of you say, feel then I can eat, so do. I was happy my splurge wasn't as bad as usual. I'll see how the day goes today and will probably weigh myself tomorrow morning. I am pleased that I am eating so nutritionally.

RESA419 Posts: 6
1/15/12 3:00 P

I actually weigh myself everyday because it helps me stay on track. When I don't weigh myself I have a habit of not eating the greatest but when I weigh myself I become happy that I've lost or at least stayed the same. Staying positive is the best thing for me.

KRISAMZ SparkPoints: (5,548)
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1/15/12 2:37 P

The scale is useful but should be used (1) only once per week, and (2) with other measurements (waist, hips, clothing). I used to weigh in every morning and have seen my weight go up 25 pounds in 3 days. Rationally I know there is no way I ate enough to gain that much in 3 days and it is due to water retention. Emotionally it ruins my day.
I am working on a healthy relationship with the scale. I weigh once per week as a marker and review my week if I did not lose to see where I can tweek.

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1/15/12 1:17 P

GIZMO, weight can vary wildly from day to day, up to 5 pounds or so, so not moving for one week is pretty meaningless. Just hang in there!

MICKAELAP SparkPoints: (0)
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1/15/12 12:10 P

I weigh in once a week. Thats it. If I weigh my self everyday I am setting my self up for disappointment. So once a week, same time is good for me. Now if I dont see any results then I change up my exercise plan. Try it for a week, and see if that worked.

GIZMO08 Posts: 80
1/15/12 10:13 A

How long does it take for the scale to show up weight-loss typically - for you guys? I've been doing this program for a week now (I know - just getting started), but the scale hasn't budged. When I was in my 20s & 30's I'd be down 3 lbs. by now... In my 40s, now and every time I diet/exercise it seems I'm lucky if I loose 3 lbs. in a month!

I am also exercising 3 times a week + walking the dog daily 2X a day.

1/15/12 5:48 A

I have a different relationship with the scale. It seems like I will go about 2 weeks then I will weigh myself. Once i see a weight loss then I automatically mentally and emotionally detach and stop doing everything that I have been doing right and just go back to the old way. Its really odd. Its not like I go and celebrate and say Woo hoo I lost weight I can eat. I don't even think or feel about it. I go into like a robot mode. I believe this is due to the year I lived with my father and stepmother. I was an overweight child and my dysfunctional Italian mother showed love through food. Well when I lived with my head strong German stepmother the first thing she did was put on a strict slim fast diet at the age of 10. I lost drastic amounts of weight. I would ask her if i could have more of something and she would jump all over me. I can remember stealing money off my Dad's dresser and going to buy a piece of candy on the way to school. I can also remember binging on a roll of cookie dough when I was buying myself and frantically trying to hide the evidence. I lost a lot of weight that year and people would say you look wonderful and yada yada yada all about my weight loss but I felt horrible inside because I guess the way she approached it. I know that she was just trying to save me but she's a harsh person anyway. Well when people would say something about my weight loss I would just detach and turn and walk away and go sit in my room or outside or somewhere and I can remember these moments were like black outs. So now i think when I see that number on the scale the detachment is somehow related to that. Its some kind of subconscious self loathing sabotage that takes place. I am going to try and avoid the scale this time as much as possible. My doctor likes to weigh me once a month so at the least I will do that.

TWINNYGRAN SparkPoints: (27,151)
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1/15/12 3:00 A

Sorry to disilliusion you, but a pound of fat weighs the same as a pound of muscle, or indeed, a pound of feathers! What is important is probably the mass. emoticon . Actually, what IS important is eating healthily, staying motivated and determination to change your life for the better! emoticon

LINDASAVON5280 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/15/12 1:40 A

I generally weigh myself once a month... the SAME time every month. It gives me a general idea of my progress without breaking my spirit. I go by how I FEEL and how my clothes are fitting. Besides, muscle weighs more than fat, right? I'll take the gain if it's muscle!

THE-MORE-GIRL SparkPoints: (0)
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1/15/12 12:23 A

Now, I do weigh daily, but I do NOT let myself weigh a second time. The weight it shows is the weight I use, no exceptions. We got a new scale, and I didn't even let myself weigh on that until the next day, because I had already weighed on the old scale that day. I know I could go crazy with stuff like starving myself until the scale cooperated, etc. I don't need that craziness.

1/14/12 9:44 P

Once a week. If I do it daily I get frustrated & give up (and gain weight).
Of course I tried to do it once a month as well & that was a fail because I just let myself get away with a lot of "just this once" occurrences & at the end of the month I had gained weight....

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1/14/12 9:28 P

Online Now  • ))
I weigh in daily on a non-digital scale. When I don't, I tend to eat more as if what I don't know won't hurt me. That's how I regained my last 5 lbs. I get in trouble when I don't weigh in daily.

Daily weigh ins help me to at least maintain. If I lose a pound or two, it encourages me to stay the course. If I gain a pound or two, I can remind myself through out the day, "Do I really want to eat that? Remember what the scale says."
I think it's so interesting that there is truly no 'one size fits all' weight loss answer.

DALLYLOVE1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/14/12 9:04 P

I only pay mind to the scale once a week. My weigh in day is every Thursday.

VON728 SparkPoints: (1)
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1/14/12 8:30 P

Once a week my scale and I have a date. That's all I can take.

SOBOYLE3 Posts: 111
1/14/12 8:27 P

If you don't have some kind of objective data to measure progress, it is too easy to think you are making better progress than you are.

CORRIE528 Posts: 74
1/14/12 2:24 P

im breaking the scale habit. 2 weeks and im doing good! i was weighing myself 3-4 x's a day!! 2x's in the morning and then at night! it was becoming an addiction and i was never happy with what it said - you cant expect to loose alot in a day or even 2 - now i have a stiky note on my scale reminding me how great im doing and i can wegiht in on sunday! that way if i loose 1 lb im ecstatic! i was getting so depressed if the scale said i weighed like .5 - 1 lb more but its water weight and fluctuations so now im ony allowed to weight in on sundays! its almost like a little reward ! lol

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1/14/12 2:16 P

I started on this Sparkpeople journey about two and a half weeks ago. I know I've lost weight (my clothing is looser and I've received several comments). But I will not get on the scale! I have a tendency to become too concerned about the pounds, and less concerned with health and right eating. I've struggled with bulimia in the past and anytime the scale dial would stay the same or move in the wrong direction, I would starve myself for a couple of days and/or inflict self-provoked emesis on myself.

I have a physical exam coming up in 3 weeks. That'll be the first time in over a year since I've stepped on the scale. Should be interesting. emoticon

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MARYCLARK83 SparkPoints: (10,351)
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1/14/12 12:31 P

Love the scale when it is a good weight, hate it when it is not! I keep reminding myself that it is just a number. More important is how I feel, but sometimes it is really hard to convince myself of this. I have been loosing weight very s..l..o..w..l..y!! I get super frustrated with it, but at least it is going in the right direction. I think I need to keep the scale, but I refuse to let it determine what kind of day I will have.

CSMNETC Posts: 64
1/14/12 10:57 A

For several years, I simply did not have a home scale to document that I was "maintaining" the highest weight of my life, well over 220. We bougt one last January, just after my husband and I decided to use SparkPeople to track our nutrition while making serious dietary changes. Years ago, I learned [Weight Watchers and Weigh Down Workshop] that once per week is adequate. So... that is what we've followed unless we don't have access, like during traveling [not in our RV]. This Christmas season, I was away for 3 1/2 weeks, and seemed to revel in intermittent gluttony! However... I pulled out the scale the morning after I arrived home, and was actually 2 pounds lower than when I left. Hmmm... however, my "good" jeans are tighter -- so time for closer eye on what types of food I eat, and increasing activity beyond sitting behind the steering wheel, or in a chair visiting!

1/14/12 10:52 A

The scale is usually not my best friend, but I do use it as a gauge to see if I am making progress, and most times it is a terrible guide. I normally lose in inches more than weight, and therefore, getting on the scale can be depressing. Even though my clothes and others are my best guide to how much I am losing, I still depend on the scale. I want to see the scale go down and show me the weight that I am looking for, and most times I am disappointed with the results, but I continue to return to the scale for more disappointment. Go figure! The scale is not my best friend, but I just can't seem to get enough of it. emoticon

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/14/12 10:30 A

Well, I am excited, but I have been here before just to sabotage myself. Maybe with the help of sparkpeople I will succeed this time. For two years I have been trying to get back to my goal weight of 135. As I have said I have a battle with the scale too, but it usually helps if I don't let it defeat me. Anyway, yesterday, after weighing 140 for two weeks, I went down to 139.5 and today I was 138.5. I can see the change in numbers, and then because that isn't enough I am wearing a smaller size pair of jeans. I only want to get to a range of 134-136 so don't have far to go. I am going to let the scale help me because, frankly, that is all I know how to do. If you can get along without it, I admire you, because I agree health and well being isn't all about what we weigh, but how we feel and the energy we have.

LOSINGITAGN SparkPoints: (76,563)
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1/14/12 6:38 A


POMEGRANATEXO SparkPoints: (75)
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1/14/12 12:32 A

i'm also trying to put the scale away except for once a week because i think it ruins my psyche. hope it helps!!

KEEPONGIVIN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/13/12 7:56 P

I do not like to weigh myself. I can "weigh" 160 pounds, but still be a medium/small. At least that what it was the last time I worked out. I have learn that my clothes tell me how much I weigh. I have been actively using SparkPeople for about two weeks and I feel the difference. I know if I step on the scale, I would gain weight or be the same.

My co-workers, friends, and boyfriend has notice and tell me daily to keep up the good work.

I say forget the scale. If you feel good, who cares about the number on that stupid contraption.

MARYSSEAMAN SparkPoints: (3,122)
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1/13/12 5:18 P

Oh no! Not that word! I am SO obsessive in regards to weighing myself and have for years. I religiously weigh myself every morning and occasionally in the evenings. I hate to say that it drives me. A bad weigh in and I switch my obsession to what I am eating, a "good" weigh-in (using good in a very loose sense of the word) I will obsess about working out harder. You would think I'd be very thin and toned, ha ha! I don't really know how that works, but it doesn't. I certainly don't recommend it.

DTYUNGU Posts: 185
1/13/12 4:59 P

I am a certified scale ADDICT. I only know this now because I have not been able to step on this scale for about 3 weeks and life has been soooo much nicer :).

Weighing in frequently, now that I was forced to take a break, is so stressful if I dont makes me prone to answering my cravings on a bad weigh-in (even if it was a good weigh-in just a few hours earlier!)

Without my scale I have freedom now to focus on my energy level, to focus on which foods to say yes to, how much water I should drink, OTHER THINGS :). That dang scale has really taken up many precious moments of my life and my emotions... Im on strike! emoticon

Fitness Minutes: (2,996)
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1/13/12 3:45 P

i weigh myself twice a month, but i use a measuring tape once a week, and i keep a track of how i feel.

SHIPMANK Posts: 98
1/13/12 3:32 P

I tend to gain muscle before losing fat. It's always jarring when I change up my routine and step on the scale and think "WHAT?!".
But I also know that if I stick with eating well and exercising the excess weight WILL COME OFF, even if it's at a snail's pace.
I try to weigh myself every 2 -4 weeks and I always tell myself no matter what the outcome I'll be happy (never works).
I agree with what several people have mentioned-gauging fitness and health based on how I feel, how my clothes fit, and what I can do vs. how much I weigh. It gives me confidence to know that other people feel this way too!

FITTEREVERYDAY SparkPoints: (29,035)
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1/13/12 3:30 P

I DO weigh myself on a regular basis (every three days to every week depending on how busy I am). However I don't let the numbers make or break me (although there is that thrill of the loss!). I've been fluctuating 4-5 lbs for the past two months so it's not been fun but my energy levels are a LOT better since I started working out on a regular (actually daily) basis and I just tell myself to focus on that.

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/13/12 1:15 P

I am a daily weigher. This morning I weighed 139.5. I have been stuck at 140 for two weeks. It was a thrill to lose even only .5, as it is a motivator for me. Now, I will say, when I am at a plateau, or gain, I used to have a tendency to have a bad day, however, reading your comments, I am getting better. I have a long history of beating myself up. My challenge is not to think I can eat like I want now, but keep up the vigilance and go to 1 lb, but if I go up tomorrow handle it gracefully.

LOVELAKEISHA SparkPoints: (0)
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1/13/12 12:35 P

I weigh myself at least once a week. I have read several articles that say you shouldn't weigh in everyday or every week, but focus on your energyl levels and inches. I haven't made it to that magical place that a lot of you have posted about. I still have to use my makes me feel better. Honestly, my weight fluctuates a lot but I also look at other factors such as how much water did I drink today, maybe I gained muscle, or I might be holding water weight due to my sodium intake. There are pros and cons of having a scale but I keep mine around for accountability. I always tell myself "You will have to FACE THE SCALE" and it keeps me on track.

SUEK24 Posts: 1,139
1/13/12 10:51 A

I go more by the fit of my clothes and how I feel. I've been maintaining a 100 pound weight loss with the Zone Diet for a lot of years. I find the whether I weigh daily, or go weeks without looking at the scale it doesn make any difference in how much ro what I choose to I eat. one thing I love about the Zone is the fact that the pramaters used to judge success are focused on hunger, energy and ability to concentrate well. When you focus on eating to achieve these three things, the weight loss happens automatically, like a pleasant side effect. It's very freeing to be able to lose a lot of weight and maintain it without placing undue focus on my weight.

ALICIALYNNE Posts: 2,228
1/13/12 10:40 A

My kids broke my scale, and I don't plan on replacing it until I get down a few sizes in clothing. Even then, I will have it just for a monthly weigh-in to make sure I am not regaining weight (this is where I messed up last year!). Instead, I am keeping track of how I feel. I have been working out for a couple months now, and my energy level has SKYROCKETED. I find that much more encouraging than a number; it is important to remember that different strategies work for different people, so do what works for YOU!

DAKAZZ Posts: 34
1/13/12 8:58 A

I like the idea of actually recording your daily weigh-in so to get a graph that shows something over a longer period of time instead of day-by-day basis, and something that will show you a neutral graph without the emotional interpretation. Imagine you've lost 2 pounds in a week, and then the next day your scale tells you you've gained another pound again - water probably. That means you're still down a pound but you're more likely to be all emotional about not being down two pounds... a 30 day graph is more likely to show you an overall trend which helps you to step away from the emotions.

CRACKERJACK2825 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/13/12 7:54 A

I just got a new set of digital scales last night, and I stepped on them this morning and they said 151.2. Last night they said 152.6. I think scales are programmed to confuse us and be mean to us. I'm gonna weigh on a certain day and that's what my weight is. I think I'll use Friday as my day. 151.2 is a long way from my first starting point of 169!

SUZE1231 Posts: 73
1/13/12 7:54 A

I'm so happy to hear that others have the scale issues also. I'm at 152 right now with no movement for awhile, even though my calories are low, and I am exercising every day. I have a water weight issue some days so its hard to keep track of the real weight. I just made up my mind to keep at it not matter what the scale says....suz

ELLISGRACEW SparkPoints: (0)
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1/13/12 6:32 A

I had a discussion with my roommate yesterday about putting that scale away. I joined SparkPeople a few days ago but started working out again and watching my food a week before the new year. Even though my body has changed remarkably, my weight hasn't or maybe only slightly. I know from previous diets that my lean body weight (water etc.) tends to shift very often leading to enormous ups and downs but I still get discouraged when the number on the scale doesn't agree with what I see in the mirror.

The thing is, when the weight has gone up, I feel bad. But sometimes when it has gone down, I feel uncomfortable as well. So even though I've been dying to get back to a normal and healthy weight for years now, I don't think the scale is the right tool for me to stay on track. Absolutely not! So I put it away this morning and am now concentrating on my actions rather than on that number. I might weigh in again but maybe in a month or six weeks or so. It's not going to change my actions in a good way anyway so this seems the best thing to do for me, for now at least :).

GETIT2GETHER SparkPoints: (35,282)
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1/12/12 10:47 P

I am afraid to weigh myself after the holidays. Everyday I say I am going to do it but just cannot step on the scale. I know I have gained weight back but I can't face it.

WEIGHT4ME59 Posts: 128
1/12/12 10:21 P

daily weigh in is what I have done since I was in my 30's. This year I decided to make weigh in once a week so I can stop feeling so stressed. It's only been a couple of weeks but it seems to be better fort me. I have actually gotten past that obsessive compulsion to weigh myself daily.

Maybe it's because I'm getting older. It feels okay though .

JENJENN7 Posts: 378
1/12/12 7:57 P

If there is a way to do without the scales I haven't found it yet. I am dependent on the scale to know if I am making progress or not on a daily basis.

WANDERINONE Posts: 4,515
1/12/12 7:40 P

Scale Free is a Spark Team. If you hate your scale thats the place to go.

SCHNAUZER10 Posts: 14
1/12/12 7:02 P

I truly despise my scale. It gives me different readings. So because of that I strayed away from the scale only to come back to discover a huge weight gain. So I made a New Year's weigh myself once a week and look at how my clothes feel and to commit 100% to tracking my foods and exercise on SP.

1HOTTAMALE Posts: 39
1/12/12 6:20 P

ive had great luck weighing every day for years, it made a realitiy of how my weight flucuates, but on the down side when i'm struggling and not doing so well, getting on the scale everyday can also mean disaster! instead of seeing the numbers go past what i'd like to keep them at i freak out and get depressed (i'm no good syndrome) and i start really overeatting. i know i put on weight last month by the feel of my clothes so i'm going to try a new approach this year. i've been being careful on my eatting and will weigh at the end of the month when hopefully the extra december pounds are gone. with any luck i wont feel so overwhelmed, like i said, i'm going to try this...

LIAMSMOM11 Posts: 122
1/12/12 4:29 P

Staying off the scale is a 100% surefire way to put weight on me. I'm 28, I've been dieting for about 20 years, and the only thing that has ever consistently worked (in tandem with some kind of exercise and eating regulation, of course) is weighing. The 3-4 times in my life when I've managed to get to an acceptable weight have been while doing daily weigh-ins; when I stop weighing in, I start gaining weight. A lot of weight.

It's just a grounding, centering routine for me. It's a tangible reminder that this is something I have to work on today and every day.

That's just me though. Kudos if you can go without it.

SALSIFY Posts: 497
1/12/12 2:46 P

I weigh myself every day and track the results on to get a weighted moving average which shows the trend of my weight. For me it takes the emotion out of each particular number the scale shows. I know that I can't take on more calories than I expend and also lose weight and the trend in my weight reflects that. All the jumping up and down several pounds daily are just water weight.

For example, during Xmas, according to the scale I gained 6 or 7 pounds in 5 days. But once it's all averaged out, in fact I gained just over 1 pound during that week. The trend is taking its time to come back down because there is a lag in the trend, but I know that I've been sticking within my calorie range and exercising and the trend will come down again.

But if the numbers on the scale were upsetting me, then I wouldn't be weighing myself every day. We're all different & have to do whatever works for us.

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