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1/5/12 7:23 P

I wish I could find the pictures of the Sparker who lost nothing at 164 pounds but lost inches down to a size 0-4..It was amazing..She started at I believe a size 12 and continued to workout by lifting weights and doing strength training exercises and finally she threw out the scale because it never changed but she is so tiny now at 164 pounds.

1/5/12 6:41 P

Whenever I stop weighing myself, I gain weight.



ACBARTLEY SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/12 6:07 P

I use my scale first think in the morning. It really helps me to stay on track. emoticon

VCZK2TJ17 SparkPoints: (85,605)
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1/5/12 4:58 P

i'm with those that are focusing on how the clothes feel and i feel energy wise. the scale will NEVER move fast enough for me, but when i concentrate on the fact that i am living healthy daily and i feel better, i am hoping that i won't care as much about the # on the scale.

MRS_CHESNEY1 Posts: 704
1/5/12 3:20 P

I CAN'T use a scale. I was becoming obsessive and beating myself up too much. Maybe when I get down to where I am more comfortable I will give it a try again but with my recent gain due to unknown illness, I just can't...

BCARSON11 Posts: 16,588
1/5/12 1:59 P

I read what the original poster said about looking thinner and clothes not being as tight, but the scale isn't showing the same results. If you weight train and work out regularly, you will probably lose inches before lbs. This is great, and you shouldn't be a slave to the scale.

However, I am in maintenance and have maintained for a long time. I find that weighing now makes me accountable for any mistakes I make and gives me a heads up so I can correct any problems before they get out of hand. I weigh daily first thing in the morning. this let's me know how I should eat that day. Do I need to cut back a little, or can I have a little extra treat.

There is an article on spark which points out some of the things that people who are successfully keeping the weight off have in common. One of the things mentioned is weighing regularly.

On the Today show today, they were talking about how after you lose weight, your body tries to put it back on. They mentioned that most people who keep the weight off continue to monitor their food intake and weigh regularly.

So while you shouldn't get discouraged if the scale isn't showing results while you are trying to lose. It is definitely a good tool to use when you are in maintenance.

1/5/12 1:40 P

I spent many many years without a scale and in denial, so as much as I find the scale causes anxiety, it also relieves anxiety, and I am doing best when I keep to a once a week weigh in, same day, wearing the same clothes - a dry bathing suit at the gym.

KCKITTY43 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/12 12:45 P

i need to not let scale make me crazy. i depend on its numbers to much

JESSLOVES2RUN SparkPoints: (0)
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1/5/12 12:22 P

i gave up on my scale a while ago. i recently got weighed at my physical that i had at my doctors office and wasn't surprised when the nurse told me my weight was the same it has been for the past 6 months. i haven't been able to lose its and it's frustrating. however i know i've been working out super hard and that most of my fat is probably turning into muscle. i have some problem areas to work on but i think i'm going to try to begin weighing myself once a week again because i'm trying to help my boyfriend lose weight and he wants to weigh in weekly. however as long as the number isn't going up, i guess i shouldn't be so discouraged. my clothes are all big and loose so that to me is a good sign.

JUSTYNA7 Posts: 6,533
1/5/12 11:24 A

My scale is important. It is a reality check. I weigh myself daily. However I also have a little marker on the scale that I record my weight at and that doesn't move unless my weight stays consistant for at least 3 weigh ins. That way I see fluctuations but I also see either progress or some reason to change things up.

I am not a big loser. In fact if I lose a pound a month I'm happy. It's lots of factors that make me that way. My biggest goal is not to gain weight and the scale is a good tool for me. Do I let the scale affect my mood? I used to. Now I just use it to ask myself if I am keeping active and eating healthily. So no, it does not affect my mood any more. The decisions I make each day are what tell me if I am doing well. The scale unfortunately does not always give me the results to reflect what I am doing but it DOES tell me when I am slacking off.

JOISIEE Posts: 195
1/5/12 11:07 A

I already posted on this thread, but I just wrote a blog and thought this would be a good place to share. My previous post was just a general explanation of howI use the scale. This is a specific example of how it helps me. Sorry if the next line is TMI. :)

So, I was peeing buckets every hour on Tuesday. By Wednesday I had dropped 4.6 pounds and had ankles again. I have lost 10 pounds in four days, almost half of it in one day.

I know its going to slow down real soon because I can only lose so much fluid. I'm not worried that I lost too much too fast because I was bloated.

I still count it as a victory because I bloat more when I am sedentary, and losing all that water means I have been active.

I just need to remember that this big drop was mostly water and not get discouraged when the 2 and 4 pound losses suddenly change to only 0.2 or 0.4.

I weigh daily and was just thinking about changing to every other day so when the losses slow down I am still happy with the numbers. Right away, I felt nervous about it. I need that daily feedback. If I go up more than expected, I look at my tracker and say, "Well you really didn't *need* that slice of buttered bread at dinner. It wasn't that satisfying anyway." Or, "You really wanted the Snickers bar, so that's ok, but you should have had yogurt after dinner instead of ice cream."

I get on the scale every day right after I have used the toilet. I'm always wearing the same thing, so I know any fluctuation has to do with something other than my clothes. Still, I can 'lose' or 'gain' as much as 2 pounds just stepping on and off the scale, so I don't put that much stock in the number. If it is much higher or much lower than I expected, I weigh three times one right after the other, and take the average.

I live by to-do lists and set short-term goals for everything in my life from housework to exercise to weight loss to work, today, this week, this month, in six weeks. I need daily progress checks to stay on track. So, if I get on the scale tomorrow and see I have lost 0.2 pounds instead of 2.0 or, if by chance I have gained 0.4 instead of losing it, I can look at the calendar and say, "In the past three days, you have lost 2.0, 4.6, and 2.0. You knew that was water, but even so, you could gain two pounds and stlill be 10 pounds lighter than you were a week ago. That's anything but failure!"

LANEMAYHEW Posts: 1,422
1/5/12 10:51 A

I must begin to use the scale the way it should be used, as a gauge only and only one thing in helping with weight loss. That is why I joined this site. In the past the number on the scale has made my day or lead me to despair. I read the following on sparkpeople about other ways to gauge your weight: body measurements, performance, general feeling (sleep better, confidence, attitude), healthier (more stamina, lower blood pressure, etc.) and other intangibles like people saying you look good. I am going to concentrate more on these things and also go back to trying on the pair of pants I want to fit in to. I am not going to let the scale decide my fate any longer. emoticon

1/5/12 7:24 A

After debating for a while, I finally bought a scale (after my New Years' resolution was made). I can see the value in having a scale, I can see the value in not having a scale. My fitness journey is about overall fitness minutes, so I'm not tied to the scale for anything. I plan on replacing some fat with muscle, so I expect to gain some weight.

VANCARN SparkPoints: (13,246)
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1/4/12 10:22 P

I agree with that one!!!! See what the pants size is saying at the end of the month.

MY_YEAR_IS_2012 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 10:20 P

years ago I used to weigh myself daily. I had to grit my teeth to do it once a week. Now I am happy weighing myself once a month. I should get in the habit og=f weighing myself every 2 weeks jusst so I know i am staying on track.

MRS_CHARISMA SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 9:29 P

I'm a daily weigher, but as a scientist, with an extremely (sometimes too extreme...) logical/analytical mind, it doesn't bother me UNLESS I'm "out of the zone". I never settle on a specific number I should weigh. I mean, if my "goal" is 155, weighing 157 isn't going to stress me out. Weighing 160 will make me say "hmm, I need to watch what I'm doing" (unless I'm pms'ing because I LITERALLY gain 5-8 lbs during this time...and then it disappears afterwards) emoticon

KENNAC Posts: 37
1/4/12 8:30 P

Since I started up again in September to try to eat better. I have gotten to the point that the scale no longer tells me how I feel. It's going to go up and down, so what? I just do the best I can to track what I eat and exercise and if I do those things then I feel awesome! My clothes fit better and that's what really tells me how I'm doing. So, although I'm not going to say that I'll never step on my scale again, it won't tell me if I'm doing well or not.

LIZDARCY1 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 6:32 P

I love this thread and all the advice. Last year I vowed to lose 40 pounds before I turned 40 and never worry about my weight again. Well this year I'm still the same weight because I just went from one crash diet to another last year and ultimately lost no weight. I don't even want to think about the damage I did to my metabolism. I have decided this year to weigh in once a month and measure. The scale controlled my life. As some others have said, if the numbers were down it was a good day, if they were up it was a bad day and most likely led to binge eating. Now I am trying to set other goals like running a half marathon in Feb and just trying to have a healthier relationship with food.

SWAYZINE27612 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 5:07 P

Thanks. That's what my doctor, trainers,and prosthestists say. I finally got the message

MELISSAD0721 Posts: 331
1/4/12 4:58 P

The scale will never tell you that you are thinner :) Only that you weigh less and that can't be the only objective in a health goal so as long as your pants show a difference then you should be thrilled! Just remind yourself that all the extra body fat is turning into lean muscle. Its fantastic! emoticon

4SASHA Posts: 14
1/4/12 4:08 P

I sometimes take a cursory glance at the scale, but what I have been paying more attention to is how I feel, how I look, and my measurements. I used be a little lighter than I am right now with 180 lbs of bulky muscle (I am 5'6"). I am now doing exercise with increased cardio, and am looking to build leaner muscle rather than the bulk that I used to have. What I have noticed is that the scale has been holding steady for a while, but my waist size keeps decreasing. I had wanted to get down to about 170 lbs, but as long as I feel and look fit, I don't really care what the scale says, especially since muscle weighs more than fat, and I am beginning to look leaner than I have in a very long time.

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SWAYZINE27612 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 11:06 A

You're so right about beating yourself up. It also caused me to get discouraged rather than encouraged. If we're honest with ourselves, we all spiral down when we see the numbers on the scale after we've followed all the programs to loose weight. I did that every time I went to the doctor or my prosthestist. But they would say the same thing the trainers would say about the scale. I don't believe all the professionals can be wrong. I'm tired of beating myself up after weighing myself. Your weight changes after you eat anyway and that's what the doctor's determine your weight. I weigh myself the first thing in the morning before eating or putting on clothes. But the doctor's don't take off any numbers because of clothes or your eating. Your weight is determined by what's on the scale. So, I'm no longer going to get discouraged. I went to the store and bought a pair of 16 pants. I didn't believe I wore that size (I have big hips) because the scale shows different. I didn't realize I lost any weight since my last weigh-in. I dropped another pants size. For me, I will continue doing mine once a month. DO WHAT WORKS BEST FOR YOU!!!! emoticon

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1/4/12 10:44 A

Scales really don't work well or paint a clear picture for menopausal woman. Suggested read: "Outsmarting the Midlife Fat Cell: Winning Weight Control Strategies for Women Over 35 to Stay Fit Through Menopause" by Susan Waterhouse. She has a lot of practical advise, and answers that question "WHAT in the HELL happended to me?"!!!
I confess I still weigh myself weekly, and will probably continue to do so until my head gets straight. Or until I die, whichever comes first. or, maybe, just maybe, when I turn 55 and things calm down, hormonal-wise.

SOBOYLE3 Posts: 111
1/4/12 9:42 A

I'm afraid we do need the scale to measure progress. The key is to only do it once every week or two so you don't get depressed about normal fluctuations. However, if you are truly scale-phobic, you could instead measure body fat percentage with either a Tanita scale (available at most gyms to use) or get it tested with calipers (I think Curves does this for new members).

TERGUZIE SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 8:24 A

If I wasn't afraid I'd wake the children, I would have destroyed my scale this morning. I'm thinking I agree with all of you that don't get on the scale anymore. It's just hard to break an old habit of getting on the scale first thing in the morning....before a shower because we all know wet hair weighs more :)


ARKCMOM Posts: 2,745
1/4/12 6:08 A

Scale is a TOOL to use-- I used to agonize over daily weights. My then dr said to me "Everything in medicine is TRENDS: is blood pressure trending up or down? Blood sugars up or down? Weight? Since weight can change from hour to hour, I think a better way to use that tool is to weigh daily then AVERAGE it for the week. Gives a better overall picture. AND my agony is gone

VIETANIMO SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 5:07 A

No more scale for me! I personally will not use the scale as a gauge in my weight loss. I have taken my measurements prior to my weight loss journey and will use this method throughout. It's only day 4 and I can feel my muscles getting tight and sore. I know when I am comfortable with having no more muffin top, I can see my feet again because my breasts are smaller, my legs don't rub together and I feel overall toned then it'll be maintenance time...

SUSIESJOY SparkPoints: (7,813)
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1/4/12 3:38 A

I only use the scale when I go in for my monthly doctor visit, freak out enough from that. Also take measurements on same day. Seems to work the best for me. Have never been fond of scales.

RARAHSGIRL1099 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/4/12 2:30 A

I agree with loving my scale. I religiously you to the bathroom in the morning and weigh myself before i eat. It helps me to ensure that my hard efforts are working. :0)

JOISIEE Posts: 195
1/4/12 12:11 A

My scale sits proudly in front of my closet & I use it every day. It's very much like a coach to me, saying "good job" when the number drops, "we'll get 'em next time" if it stays the same, and "Ok, let's try THIS" when there is an increasing trend. I'm always happy with even the smallest drop, but don't worry too much about the increases unless it happens for several days consecutively. I write the numbers on my calendar, and as long as the number on any given day is less than a pound more than it was a week ago, I don't worry too much.

BRIANNE64 Posts: 25
1/4/12 12:03 A

I love my scale. I am addicted to it or I should say was.... Last week I tried to turn it on and the batteries died on me. So I am going scale less for at least a month or 2, until I can afford the batteries or a new scale. Should be interesting to see if I do notice a difference. I normally don't notice a difference in myself so I may need to start photographing myself once a week to see if I see a difference that way.

STAMPMAKER SparkPoints: (2,830)
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1/3/12 11:40 P

I have a love/hate relationship with my scales. I like to use it daily at the same time, so I can put the breaks on any upward trends...but it would seem to be reluctant to take me down where I want to go :)

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EARTH-ANGEL Posts: 310
1/3/12 11:36 P

The scale is a good tool to help keep track of goals just as long as it isn't controlling you. A combination of measurements, number-wise or other-wise is what works for me personally.

ALPHAPREP SparkPoints: (43,093)
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1/3/12 10:33 P

Not me – I'm 100% pro scale!

I take great comfort in any form of "The Quantified Self", and it helps me immensely to maintain my weight and boost my health. Seeing numbers helps me continue in the right direction. When the scale is going in the wrong direction, it allows me to course correct quickly. I weigh myself regularly, wear a Fitbit tracker to watch my steps, keep track of all different measurements, you name it.

Why? I'm fascinated, it's easy, and I believe that the more information you have in life, the better!

CHERYLSBUTT SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 1,757
1/3/12 8:26 P

The scale is like a road sign for me...I need it to insure that I am headed in the right direction. Since I am confident in my sense of truly is a gauge that allows me to enjoy the

MAHONEY_09 Posts: 411
1/3/12 7:59 P

I decided that although weighing myself is important to track how I'm doing, I refuse to let myself beat me up over a gain and I won't let myself be saddened by a mini loss when it happens...therefore as a check, I am only weighing myself either bi or tri weekly...I haven't weighed myself in over a month and surprisingly, I only gained 2 pounds over the holidays but I can't not weigh myself at all...I figured this to be a good compromise with myself!! Good luck on your journeys everyone!!

KIERNAN19 Posts: 86
1/3/12 7:25 P

I just recently decided not to weigh in on my scale. Instead of using it as constructive feedback or motivation, I used the numbers as a tool to beat myself up. Even if I was losing weight, it never seemed to be coming off fast enough, and heaven forbid I gained some weight, it'd send me into that oft-mentioned downward spiral. I'm going to focus on daily exercise and good food choices as a lifestyle rather than placing emotional weight on an otherwise meaningless digit.

1/3/12 6:58 P

I recently bought a scale after not owning one for close to 15 years.
I thought I'd gained 10 pounds. Try 30!

So, now I am deciding on a strategy: weekly, bi weekly, monthly, semimonthly?

I decided against daily until maintaining the weight.
That way,I'd be dealing with ounces, not pounds.

I think it can be a reality check, IF you use it at the same time, same circumstance each time.
Mine is just before a shower in the morning.
I've not had anything to eat or drink, and shall we say, gotten rid of the day before's food and drink.

MELINDAM85 Posts: 499
1/3/12 6:53 P

Good for you!

MEARA_ISHAYLIA SparkPoints: (10,565)
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1/3/12 6:24 P

I decided this time to weigh in at the end of the month. I know I gained much of the 12 lbs I lost back due to my clothes not fitting like they use to, but I haven't stepped on the scale to find out. Why? Because then I know it'll throw me into a downward spiral. I'll get upsset, and lose focus. Instead. I told myself, I would try my hardest to eat right, run at least 30 min a day and then at the end of the month, then see where I'm at, and then make small goals from there. Award myself at the end of the month after weigh ins if I made progress, the better the progress the better the present/award.

When I use to weigh in daily, even one night of bad eating seemed like it threw 5lbs back on, and I was getting terribly upset. And in some instances, just gave up. I don't want to know the number anymore. And I'm also looking more into inches than the scale.

Plus, you know you're on the right track when your husband says he even notices a difference.

CATMAGNET SparkPoints: (40,431)
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Posts: 1,183
1/3/12 5:11 P

Couldn't agree more, Swayzine. I'd rather make sure that I'm accountable for what I put in my mouth by doing the nutrition tracker instead of the scale. Besides, how my clothes fit will let me know if I'm being successful or not.

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SWAYZINE27612 SparkPoints: (0)
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1/3/12 4:59 P

On the advice of several trainers. I gave the same complaint to my doctor about the numbers and the scale. She told me don't worry about the numbers because she can see the weight loss. She's more concerned about the inches than the numbers. I've decided to use the scale once a month. I used to get very depressed with the numbers on the scale because I seemed to be gaining weight, while my clothes were getting loose. I realized muscle will make it appear that I'm gaining weight. The trainers that I asked, are consdered obese because the bmi and scale don't know they are muscular. One of the trainers is a competing body builder. I dropped from a size 20W to 16 ladies. The scale has only budged but 10 lbs. I don't get upset anymore either. So NO WEEKLY WEIGH-INS, NO MORE SCALE. Anyway , my clothes tell me if I'm loosing. I don't know about you, but I can feel the difference when my weight goes back up. My Nutrition Tracker keeps me accountable about what I put in my mouth.

FOODIELOVER1 SparkPoints: (74)
Fitness Minutes: (4,943)
Posts: 235
1/3/12 4:49 P

I just started with sparkpeople.. and so far so great! I too will weight myself once a week.
I am so excited to start a new year with goals and support of so many forums. Thank you all for such great thread.. Happy New Year

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PATRICIAANN46 Posts: 19,453
1/3/12 4:46 P

I couldn't go without a scale completely, but I only weigh myself once a week now instead of every day. I go more by measurements and how my clothes fit.

1/3/12 3:40 P

I totally agree with WANT2BESKINNY2. I weigh myself at least once a day to keep track of my ups and downs. I started weighing in again once a day and officially once a week when my weight spiked 8 pounds at my last Dr. Appointment. Since then I am down 12 pounds and eating better because I am keeping myself more accountable with what I am putting in my mouth and the weight isn't getting out of control again.

SKINNYJWO10 Posts: 511
1/3/12 2:54 P

I love the scale. It keeps me aware..aware of what i'm eating, what i'm doing, how hard im pushing. I weigh myself every night and every morning. I don't however freak out when I weigh myself. I'm more curious than anything. Weighing myself at night to see how hydrated I am, etc. I don't really "count" my weigh-ins every day..I have one day per week that I "weigh in" to "officially" track my progress. but not weighing myself isnt an option. Do you know you can gain/lose about 10 pounds and still wear the same jeans? Being ignorant to what my weight was in the past by never weighing myself and not owning a scale at all led me to be in denial and try to ignore the weight issue. yeah, the scale is my daily wake up call/reminder to STAY FOCUSED!! I need it!! :)

CHARLOTTE1947 SparkPoints: (44,675)
Fitness Minutes: (55,530)
Posts: 1,751
1/3/12 2:32 P

I love the scale! I weigh in at the gym right before my 9:15 am water aerobics class in my lightest weight suit (yes, I weighed them too). I pee first, exhale and step on the scale. I've got it down to an art. Since it's a digital scale, even losing 10% of a pound is good news from day to day. I make it my goal to get down to the next lowest pound, one pound at a time. It's important to weigh in at the same time of day in the same clothes or no clothes at all. That way, you're not counting the heft of your shoes or your last meal.

HANNAHLU1 Posts: 178
1/3/12 1:30 P

I've given up on my scale. I work hard and it never moves. When my pants fall off me I'll check the scale then.

GRANDMABABA SparkPoints: (304,636)
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Posts: 10,629
1/3/12 1:26 P

I gotta weigh often or I tend to get off track..

CHRISTINA791 SparkPoints: (71,498)
Fitness Minutes: (124,847)
Posts: 789
1/3/12 1:25 P

I'm firmly in the 'It's just a tool' camp. You need to learn how to make that tool work for you instead of against you, whether that means daily weigh-ins, or only checking weight at the doctor's office.

For me, daily weigh-ins work. I monitor my weight like anything else that's happening in my body, but I treat it as nothing more than information. It's up to me to decide what to do with that information, and getting upset about it isn't productive. I've been in maintenance for a while, but twice I've caught my weight creeping up and addressed the problem before it meant more than a slight bump in my average weight. I watch for trends in my weight - am I losing more than usual, gaining slightly? To do that, I need several data points, which is where the daily weight comes in. I don't adjust my behaviour until I've seen a trend for at least a week, but to do that I need to know if the higher weight is just a one day fluke, or if it's becoming the norm.

Body weight is just one of many types of information we can use to assess what the body is doing. I also look at measurements, levels of fitness, how I'm feeling compared to normal, what's happening with my skin and hair, etc. While I find it a vital piece of the puzzle and one of the earliest ways I can tell something's not quite right, in the end it's only one piece of the whole picture.

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