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ROBIN213 Posts: 147
9/23/09 11:53 A

I would recommend buying a few vegetarian cookbooks. These websites are ok for recipes, but I always use my cookbooks most. I like 1001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes, the Moosewood books, and Vegonomicon.

I love a good vegetarian chili that I serve over brown rice, with cornbread, or corn tortillas which is very satisfying and healthy. I'm not good at cooking tofu, so I often buy the pre-flavored kind to throw into my stir fry's. You can't have cheese, so try hummus as a sandwich filler. I eat beans in almost every meal I make, whether it's pasta, soups, or casseroles, and this makes me feel full, probably a similar feeling to having a cut of meat.

I'm not a doctor, but I don't think it's realistic to cut out fat completely either. Maybe they mean to really cut back a lot and to use healthier fats like olive oil instead of animal fats like butter and bacon, etc...? Try using a spray oil like PAM on a non-stick skillet with a tiny teaspoon of olive oil when sauteeing so that you have some flavor in your food.

Good luck.

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9/8/09 2:39 P

Oh yeah, iron is also in dark leafy greens like kale and spinach.

And as you look at your tracker, see where you're protein is coming from. Kale has more than lettuce, crimini, portobello, shiitake mushrooms has more than white button mushrooms - there's even a difference between cauliflower and broccoli.

I also wanted to say you should find out from your doctor what fat range you should stay within, because absolutely zero fat is impossible.

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9/8/09 2:35 P

Breakfast can be anything you want - leftovers, salad, a sandwich. I usually have a salad. Sometimes I'll make a tofu scramble with veggies.

The tofu scramble is easy, just get firm or extra firm tofu, cut it into small dice, and then sautee it with diced veggies until the veggies are cooked to your liking. I use oil, but since you can't do that, you can water-sautee your scramble. For veggies, use whatever you like - I usually use onions and bell peppers, but there's not a veggie out there that I eat that I've not used in a scramble.

I agree about vegweb, I use that site a lot, and there are vegetarian and vegan recipes on Spark, and other places like Recipezaar.

For inspiration, you might consider looking at different nationalities of food, places that have a lot of vegetarian food, like Asian and Indian. Hare Krisnha puts out a great vegetarian recipe book.

You might also consider veg'n faux meat options. There's deli meat, sausage, hot dogs, bacon, ground beef, ribs, chicken, even shrimp (though the ones I've seen don't have any protein).

Lots of times I'll find an intereseting meat based recipe and use a faux meat substitution, like home-made pasta sauce with vegan Italian sausage, a chicken stir fry with Veat, Quorn, or chicken style seitan, a ham sandwich with vegan ham slices, etc.

I would recommend always doing a water sautee in place of oil, or make something like a soup, to keep the fat down - veg'n meats are more dry than actual meat, I usually have to add a bit more oil than I would if I was using, say, real chicken or sausage.

Also, having a toaster oven is really great for heating faux meats without adding oil. I do that with my vegi burgers rather than put oil in a pan to heat it, and it tastes great ... and doesn't take the time to heat as the big oven.

Without meat, many people worry about protein partiuclarly, and iron too. B-12 is important to find if you're vegan.

For protein, it's in all plant products, but generally when vegans think "protein" they think of whole grains, whole grain rice, beans, lentils, and soy.

For iron, it's in whole grains, including seitan ("wheat meat").

For B-12 you can get that in a multivitamin, nutritional yeast, green superfoods (like Pure Synergy), and also in certain nut/seed milks ... I get Soy Dream Enriched soy milk as it has added B-12.

NRKEVO Posts: 339
9/8/09 11:18 A

Try the recipes on; it's a vegan recipe site. You might have to search around a little for something that doesn't have fat in it, but many of the recipes are meat- and dairy-less.

JAN2BSLIM Posts: 2,375
9/2/09 7:47 P

Check out recipes on SP especially for vegetarians. Pasta can come alive with veggies and spices. For breakfast try pancakes with fresh fruit, oatmeal or other hot grain and of course cereals are usually done with milk but I have heard of people doing it with fruit juice. Grains like millet, spelt, quinoa,barley are good as a protein source.
I'm on a similiar diet except that I can't have salt or anything with calcium including my vitamins. It's life changing to not have meat as the main dish. Best wishes.

9/2/09 4:14 P

How about oatmeal for breakfast and different kinds of veggie soup for dinner?

9/1/09 7:10 A

If this is doctor prescribed, can they provide you a referral to a dietician? They could help with meal planning and possbily recipes. As for the kids, go ahead and continue making them their healthy stuff until you can come up with a good plan for you. I think a dietician is your best path forward. Good luck.

~G.O.L.~ Posts: 48
9/1/09 5:54 A

I have 3 boys. ages 10 yrs. 8 yrs. 7 yrs. they are all healthy and fit they eat right.(well all but my picky 7 year old ) anyway. I have to eat a No Meat, No dairy Diet Per the Doctor. Thier father doesn't normally do the cooking. My problem is, Finding a Meal that I can eat. there are many foods (fruits and Veggies) that I can eat but I don't know how to make them into a satifing meal for myself. I have no clue on how to make or prepare tofu. my diet is limited to mostly fruits and Veggies now ( medical condition prevents me from having any fat) alot of the meal plans that I have come across has meat as the main dish, making the veggies burst with flavor because of it. I can not have any of the meat nor the flavor of it. Ok think I made my point on that ( very upset that I can no longer have chicken and fish) I have no clue what to do for my breakfasts now. I normally have egg's homefried potatoes with a tomato and chesse salad and a cup of 1/2 milk 1/2 coffee as a drink. Any suggestions on food meals for me? I am at a loss. the help would save my life in more ways then one.

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