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SHENVAL Posts: 41
11/27/11 8:16 P

The food aspect is another story. I can't eat processed foods due to migraines. I don't eat fast food, or anything w/ artificial flavors or colors. Which means I don't eat any "diet" foods, including diet soda (gave up soda 12 yrs ago). Anything "low fat" has twice the chemicals. Anytime and everytime I've ever tried any diet pills, I have gotten sick. First symptom is a headache. That includes "natural" diet pills. It all acts as a stimulant to me. I also have an adrendal gland problem, which is another story, but that probably has a lot to do with my problems. I have NO estrogen, am post menopausal, and still have hot flashes (adrenal gland again). You're right, that has a lot to do with my wgt. I was on hormonal replacement, (bio-identical skin cream) which took away the hot flashes, but I didn't lose any wgt then either. I stopped in June, mostly to see if I could lose weight, but it didn't really help at all. I noticed some water weight loss, less puffiness, but no change otherwise, except the hot flashes came back. I am too old for hot flashes, but this is symptom of the adrenal gland problem I have; also in a healthy menopause, the adrenal glands and the thyroid glands supply the estrogen that the ovaries quit producing, but that doesn't happen to me. This all explains why I gained all the weight (70 lbs in 7 yrs.) but it can't be changed, so I have to try twice as hard to lose. Kind of a catch 22--I simply have to eat heatlhy, no diet foods, and I have to exercise to reduce stress and appetite. I need twice the motivation.

SA9CHI Posts: 57
11/20/11 4:32 P

I should at least be mindful of what I eat. Since being more mindful, I've found myself moving away from beef naturally. I like salads and have been leaning towards raw foods, bought 5 meals of raw vegan food for the week. After being told that 80% is diet, I can easily minus out the wonderful workout by slipping on food. Goal is always to strive to exercise the body daily with eating healthy, nutritious diet.

11/20/11 2:58 P

Haha thank you so much.
If you can't find time to exercise all that much, I suggest focusing ALOT more on the food aspect. You work so I'm assuming you have enough money to spend on super nutritional food and that doesn't have to take any of your time. It is something that we take the time out to do anyway so why not make it good for you?
I happen to be poor because I don't work which means I can't afford processed food, let alone healthy food. I try my hardest not to buy foods that I know I shouldn't be eating and that's about all I can do. But you're right; all that time that I don't spend earning money should be spent on exercising. Our situations may be different but everyone can find a way to do this thing. It's all a matter of telling your brain to try. No matter what!
Also, I know that there is a point in a woman's life where they are not producing enough estrogen. Estrogen helps convert more fat to fuel and both flax seed & soy beans happen to be a good source of it.

SHENVAL Posts: 41
11/20/11 8:21 A

I like the way you organized your words. I should adopt your slogan: "No Matter What". I hope you do take advantage of being unemployed and using this time to lose weight and energize. I have the opposite problem, I commute and work full time which keeps me unmotivated to find the time to exercise. I am as over scheduled as you are under scheduled. I try to use days off and wkends to schedule exercise in and somehow still procrastinate. Maybe the grass is always greener, but I think that if I didn't work, I would lose weight and exercise. But then, I'd also be devastated and depressed and worried sick about money. As it is, I am super stressed, and when I'm stressed, I eat. I know from past experience that exercise reduces stress and helps me lose weight, and makes me feel better--so why don't I do it?

11/20/11 4:03 A

What happened today: I decided to write about what happens no matter if it is a success or a complete waste of time. About my third day back on sparkpeople and I'm not taking military action right off the bat! I'm really trying to take it easy this time. I knitted ALOT today, tried to figure out how to make a loofah haha! Complete failure. But I did finish a hat which had to be the first project I haven't unraveled in months. Woot!

Food: BF brought me white cheddar mac n' cheese from work (Panera). I ate two of those bad boys! Made me feel ashamed afterwards... I also ate a popsicle, a hefty sandwich, and about thirty ounces of orange juice. But it wasn't in vain! All of these fairly poor eating decisions have resulted in an epiphany! Plan your meals ahead of time. It's not like I didn't know that before, I just proved to myself today how important it really is. I also entirely forgot to drink water today.

Exercise: None whatsoever. I did try to jumprope in my bedroom but that proved to be louder than I expected. I had planned on running this morning but being that I am currently unemployed and have no regular sleep cycle, I ended up waking up at oh.....2 PM-ish.....
It seemed too odd of an hour to go for a jog.
Honestly, I have no idea how to start all of this running business anyway. Those serious joggers with the ski-trip headbands and the sweat-resistant tanktops intimidate me. Like if I started running anywhere near them in my Chuck Taylors and Harold Hedd t-shirt, they would stop and ask me if I was seriously doing this. When you take a moment and think about these people, you really have nothing to lose. They had to start somewhere just like you. Chances are they have tunnel vision and don't even know you're behind them. Chances are they can't hear you breathing like the lead singer of a screamo band behind the roar of their progressive dance music. Between the headphones, sunglasses, and antisocial wee hours of the morning; the last thing they want to do is focus on anyone else. I guess even if I tried looking like an idiot, not one of them would give a good god damn. I feel better already :D

Tomorrow: I am setting my alarm this time. First thing I am going to do is go to my kitchen and get 16 oz. of water and drink it on my bed. I figure that giving myself a task that is not at all intimidating will at least wake me up enough to pursue the next goal I have in mind. Baby steps! Okay, I am getting my headphones on and walking to the park. Jog one song, walk one song, etc. When I come home, I will plan what I am going to eat, while drinking another 16 oz. of water, take a shower, and see where the rest of the day takes me. This will be my first official day of my exercise program. Seems simple enough. I will update tomorrow!

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