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9/21/10 10:38 A

I have had two pairs of Shox and I loved them. I am not a runner, but have worn them for walking and other workout classes. They are expensive!

MALLEUSMIKE Posts: 1,006
9/21/10 10:35 A

Most "high-tech" running shoes are actually bad for your feet, according to recent studies by orthopedic surgeons. They conclude that our feet are not meant to be encased in "marshmallow" shoes that claim to "support" our feet. Apparently our feet do not need all that "support"--as barefoot runners will attest.

MLAN613 Posts: 19,255
9/21/10 8:23 A

As I have personally discovered, Nike shoes are good only for looks. I tried a pair for running and hurt!

BALDWINJ_03 Posts: 1,220
9/20/10 11:15 P

I would NEVER wear Shox for running. I made the mistake of wearing them for my first 5K and I literally could barely walk for the next 2 days. Shox give that impression that as you run, the sole of shoe is taking the pressure off of your knees, but it's not that way at all. I actually took my shoes into 3 different stores (all exclusive running stores) and they said the reason I was having pain was definitely b/c of the Shox.

I do great when using them for aerobics, but not running, but you may be completely different?!

I'd be sure to have another pair of shoes to use for running in case you don't do well with the Shox. Good luck!

PIGLET1979 Posts: 1,720
9/20/10 10:22 P

I have owned 2 pairs of Shox; the original model, and the nike+ running version mentioned below. I have extremely high arches, and use them for walking only. I, personally, wouldn't wear them for running, but the only way to know what running shoes will work for you is: 1. get properly fitted at a specialty running store (where they understand pronation, etc.), and 2. trial and error.

The only shoes I run in are Brooks.

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9/16/10 2:58 P

I have worn more kinds and styles of Nikes than I can remember. I owned a pair of Shox and never will again. The expense of the shoes was slight compared to the expense of ankle surgery necessary to repair the damage done. There are other Nikes less likely to enhance ankle sprain.

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9/16/10 2:51 P

I love all nike shox whether for casual or athletic activities. They are just so comfortable and I always catch them on sale somewhere. I hunt them down in all colors.

CHOOWY Posts: 4,240
9/16/10 2:30 P

I'm also interested in getting them for cardio. I noticed that Tracy Anderson and Chalene Johnson are wearing them in their cardio videos.

RUNNINGAL425 Posts: 1,070
9/16/10 12:43 P

I have several friends with shox, they say they are ok for just wearing, but that they do not like them for running.

J40IN7 Posts: 258
9/16/10 10:49 A

i have nike shox.
they are nike +, specifically for running with the insertable chip in the left sole that connects to your ipod to track your workout.

I absolutely love them. they are comfortable, they are extremely light, and they give support.

make sure you buy the running shox, and not the casual nike shox.

ERINEC11 Posts: 603
9/16/10 10:39 A

No no no... they're the worst. Go to a running shoe store. They'll look at how you walk, tell them what you will mainly be doing (running, walking, etc) and they can recommend a shoe for you. And they are not super expensive. I now have not the cutest shoes, but they were the best for my running. Good luck!

ABRANDNEWME15 Posts: 3,071
9/16/10 10:19 A

Who has em? Want to buy a pair so bad but i'm not a runner. Are they a good investment? I have read reviews saying they can cause injury. Opinions/suggestions?

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