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Kris said some very good points -- many people eat out of emotional need or boredom at night, rather than hunger.

I have found that if I eat well during the day (every 2-3 hrs, enough proteins) I can easily control myself by evenings. The days I hardly eat during the day, it catches up at night and I eat and eat. Make sure you are getting enough calories during the day.

The other thing I learnt (which sucks) is don't keep any junk food in the house. Only healthy alternatives. Fruits can relieve the sweet cravings. When I do want a candy bar or something, there is none to binge on.

Also, you can chew strong peppermint gum or suck on hard candy - that will take away any need to eat. Or brush your teeth - you won't feel like eating after that! :)

Good luck!

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Are you eating out of hunger or for other reasons--bored, tired, loneliness? It's OK to eat in the evening if you plan for this and if you choose healthy foods.

I do agree that not eating enough durning the day (especially breakfast) can affect the hormones (ghrelin and leptin) that help control our hunger. Studies have shown that those who eat most of their calories before 3 pm have better control of nighttime cravings. Sadly, many of us make dinner our big meal of the day which can throw off the hormones I mentioned earlier.

That being said, if nighttime eating has become a habit, a way of life, than developing action steps to have in place may be something you may want to think about.

Take care!

Coach Nancy

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I feel yr pain! :)

I don't usually have hard and fast rules about food, because I think they give me an all-or-nothing mentality, but I really do like the "no food 3 hours before bed" rule. It really, really does help me curb that late night snacking thing, and if I did snack at night, I'd not be losing anything at all. If you can believe this, having that rule actually helps me not feel hungry.

I'm up until 2 all the time (sleep issues in northern latitudes...). If I get really overwhelmingly snacky, I will break the rule but not the bank. An apple, an ounce of cheese, or better yet some tea, something with flavour that I can assuage my tastebuds with. Nothing really over 100 calories, and nothing processed. Because late night is DEFINITELY chips and ice cream time otherwise. :)

Try it, see if it helps! I even find that going to bed a bit hungry isn't uncomfortable and means you're going to *love* breakfast.

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My Dietitian told me that when I am awake a lot during the night, then it is normal to want to eat (because of hunger rather than mindless picking!)

I think it might be beneficial to address the sleeping issue - have you extra stressors causing this? Do you have pain that could contribute toward it? Are you warm enough? Are you on any medications that could contribute toward this. I suggest that if you can't readily identify the reason, then you make an appointment with your Dr and explain what is happening so that you can be properly checked for medical/emotional causes.

Apart from that, I ALWAYS eat at night, and in fact have just been munching not too long before midnight. I allow for this in my daily intake. One thing that a lot of people make the mistake of doing is to not actually eat enough! This often undermines our efforts later at night. Ensure that you are eating well during the day; eating all of your meals and sufficient calories, and that you are also eating a good balance of carbs/fats/protein.

Sometimes when we under-eat it is because we haven't taken into account the exercise we do - more exercise means an increased need for more calories!

Do you use the Nutrition Tracker or just a dairy for food intake. If the latter, try the former - it can make a huge difference between what we THOUGHT was reality and what reality really is!

Good luck and take care,

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I've been having a lot of trouble with eating late at night. This has always been my downfall and since tracking my food, I've noticed how much it affects my overall daily calorie/nutritional count.

Does anyone have an suggestions on beating this? My sleep has been off the past few weeks so I've been staying up later than usual. I know that's an issue, but it's been hard getting back on a regular sleep schedule. Any help would be appreciated!

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