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1/4/14 1:56 P

If it's true hunger, then the question is are you eating enough during the day?

What is your calorie range, and what does it register after dinner? What kind of foods are you eating - do you eat foods to make you feel full (a lot of water, foods high in fiber and protein)?

If it's just boredom eating, the you need to learn strategies to combat that.

* Eat foods to make you feel more full (water, protein, fiber)
* Find something else to do (take a short walk, yoga, crossword puzzle, internet games, read, phone a friend, post on SP boards)
* Drink a cup of hot tea
* Brush your teeth (psychological trick)

In either case, it helps a lot to remove all junk food from your house and replace it with healthy, lower calorie foods to snack on.
* Take a hot bath and relax

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1/4/14 1:42 P

Maybe post a sign for yourself with reasons why you want to lose weight on your fridge. Or brush your teeth. Or paint your nails. Distractions work really well. Or have a glass of water and give it half an hour to see if you're hungry, or just mindlessly snacking.

1/4/14 1:27 P

I have the same problem. When I was successful in the past, I would eat frozen berries at night. They were yummy and an entire bag was only 150 calories, so if I over did it, it wasn't that bad.

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1/4/14 1:18 P

I can't stop eating at night. The whole day pass perfectly. But sometimes I can't stop myself form over eating at night after the last snack in the day. This the part of the day where I'm so weak and can eat easily and it became hard to say "NO". Sometimes because I'm hungry and sometimes because boring feeling or emotional eating.

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