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11/8/13 11:12 P

I was officially diagnosed when I was pregnant with my first child after they did the ultrasound. I was hospitalized for a ruptured cyst 4 months after he was born when I was 18 (I swear that pain was more painful than his birth). At the time I was about a 120 pounds lighter and my OB/GYN recommended treatment via birth control pills to balance out my hormones. I didnt want to do that though because I wasnt through having babies - went on to have 2 more actually. I didnt have any physical symptoms beyond that UNTIL I gained weight and got older.

The last 2 years and obviously 120 pounds later I have 2 periods a year, my testosterone levels are ridiculous and right now I am considered infertile due to the condition. The PCOS and weight gain has affected my pancreas and created a very high insulin resistance (my doctor said it was the highest she had ever seen) and a complicated Metabolic syndrome... To top that off I developed alllllll of the other classic symptoms of PCOS that I am sure you are all familiar with too.

My treatment plan is Metformin. Within 3 weeks of taking it - I had a period. Unfortunately for me I am one of the few that gets all the HORRID side effects of Metformin that make taking that medication a true nightmare.

PCOS is such a nasty nasty cycle. You gain weight - but its hard to lose it. You gain hair in places you never imagined you would have it. You have difficulty getting pregnant. It messes up your inner zen lol. Overall it is AWFUL! I feel for all of you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Best advice - go to the doctor and follow a treatment plan now before you are spinning out of control like me. emoticon

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11/3/13 7:11 P

I have had PCOS since I was 15 but wasn't diagnosed till 21 now almost 41 .... I really need to work on both the diet and excessive part not easy...

Good luck !!!!

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11/1/13 9:03 A

Gluten free diets are said to help many women with PCOS; one study showed that 85% of those were gluten sensitive or intolerant. It's different for every person though, so your doctor and/or dietician should be able to make a meal plan that's best for you. I've also heard people say vegetarian and vegan diets help.

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10/14/13 9:54 A

It works for me as long as I make sure to do low fat, low carb as well.

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10/14/13 9:30 A


I'm new to the forum and just read your post re: PCOS. OMG! It's incredibly nerve wrecking!
I've had it for years (at least since the age of 28 I'm 42 now) but I was ONLY advised by my doctor that I was even diagnosed with it this year.... :O (I had no idea because she never told me or mentioned it during exams...none of my receipts EVER had any descriptions re: it and none of my paper work for blood work indicated it either....of course...I've changed doctors after all of these years forward. Does the high protein diet really help long term? I'm going to see a dietician on Wednesday and it's been sooooooooo hard to lose this freakin' weight....I can see people around me eat cheese, bread and potatoes and if I even think of a slice of cheese I gain 5 lbs. Meat...YUCK! Not really a fan...suggestions anyone? I've never felt soooooo disgusted with anything like I am with trying to lose weight.

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10/11/13 6:37 P

I was diagnosed about 10 years ago. The weight issues have been horrible for me - compared to others without PCOS, I gain weight a lot faster and it takes a lot more for it come off. From the information I've gotten, women with PCOS tend to have an insulin resistance, so it was recommended to me to follow a diabetic diet. I have found that I when I am more successful, it's when I follow a diet high in lean protein and fiber and low in carbs. It seems to help when I have one serving of lean meat, 2 to 3 servings of dairy, a serving of beans or high fiber grain, 3 to 4 servings of low carb veggies, 1 to 2 servings of starchy veggies, and 2 servings of fruit (for me, apples and berries seem to work the best).

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9/10/13 8:29 P

I too was just diagnosed withPCOS. I only found out because I was struggling to lose weight and was trying everything. I am struggling with the whole diet change to. My dr. Is having me meet with an endocrinologist and then a dietician to help. I can wait for the appointment. Any tips would help. As I will share as I find more

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9/10/13 7:14 A


Just got diagnosed actually yesterday with PCOS. I have many of the symptoms: Weight gain, facial hair, acne and cysts on my ovaries oh plus hjgh blood pressure oh and depression. What do I do and where do I turn? I'm sick of how I feel........

I am currently doing a low carb diet but it is not easy.


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