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1/26/12 12:31 P

Welcome to Spark People!! I am so glad you are here!
This is a great place to begin your weight loss journey. There are so many amazing resources to benefit from. From the fitness and nutrition trackers, to the teams and groups where you can get endless amounts of support, motivation, and advice to the articles which will make you fitness and health smart!
This is a great site! I hope you have much success!!

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1/26/12 12:21 P

emoticon Welcome to SP, you will find a lot of encouragement here!

Join the 10 minute per day fitness group / find and add friends who are active in SP

Set up your food tracker and enter everything you eat-every day!
Stay within your calorie range-every day!
Read articles-every day!
Read blogs-every day!
Do some form of cardio and strength exercise-every day!

We'll encourage you. It's a long road. If you will be consistent, there is no reason why you can't accomplish major things.

Be consistent-every day!

Good luck

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1/26/12 11:23 A


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1/26/12 10:22 A

Welcome to Sparkpeople!

Belated Australia Day! I have not been to your lovely country but my husband has and enjoyed it immensely.

This is a great place to get healthy! There are so many tools, resources, and encouraging people to help you on your journey to "Health & Fitness". Be sure to poke around the site and try the nutrition and fitness trackers, Spark Recipes, Daily Spark, health articles, and secrets.

Joining a team will help you meet like-minded people that share similar life situations or goals. Be sure to read member blogs as there is a wealth of information there. You can start with one of mine:

If you have further questions or just want to chat, stop by my Sparkpage or send me a Sparkmail. Just click on the button under my profile picture on the left.

Press On!


emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon

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1/26/12 8:00 A

emoticon . to Sparking! . emoticon

To both give and receive support, I suggest joining and participating in at least one Spark TEAM. When you signed up, SP offered you a "Spark Class" which is a team for the newbies who signed up the week you did.

I found this Spark Quiz loaded with useful information for newbies:


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1/25/12 8:51 P

Hi! emoticon to SP!

That was a nice post - you really shared about yourself, and that is great!

You'll find lots of support here at SP, and there are so many resources. You'll find that tracking your food really helps, and you can occasionally satisfy your cravings, just watch your portions, and plan your food so that your stay within your calorie range.

If you make your page public, people can visit you and get to know you. And posting is another way to meet people and make friends.

Good luck on your journey!

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1/25/12 8:38 P


I have just joined SP for the first time. I am a newbie in more ways than one. This is also my first internetty forummy thingy. So I guess this is my first ever post... ever. Soooo.... I guess I am a bit hesitant too. But so far what I really like about SP is the ethos of support. Too much of the internet is faceless anger and judgement. (Hang on is that a judgement emoticon )

I am currently 72kg and my goal is 55kg. I haven't been that weight for 25 years.

I turn 40 in 6 months. I have been on a diet of sorts since I was 13yo.

I am married with no kids, except for my furry one with four legs - who is 14yo. My DH and I have been together for 19 years, married for 11.

I almost got down to 55kg when I got married (57kg). But after I said "I do" to my husband ... I continued to say "I do" to every delicious and yummy (or even the not so yummy) food that I encountered.

They used to say "she let herself go after she got married" and I guess I did. My DH is also larger so it's easier to be bad together.

I have been tracking my meals for a week now, and one thing is niggling me. How do you cope with those monthly hormonal urges for food and sweets. And my urges seem to SHOUT at me "I NEED CHOCOLATE BISCUITS....NOW!"

Any ideas?

Anyway... Hello!

PS I noticed an article about keeping motivated to exercise in the winter. Today is Australia Day (our National Holiday), and where I live it is 41C (I think about 109F), trust me it's just as hard to stay motivated in this heat as well! I am already hot and sweaty!

Enjoy your day!

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