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12/13/13 6:27 P


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12/13/13 5:45 P

My mom had that surgery years ago thinking it would solve everything and it did not. You are so right. There is so much more to weight issues than the number on the scale!

I'm glad you joined Spark. I have seen SO many people with health issues making things happening and improving their life. I have faith in you to be successful. We are all here for you!


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12/13/13 5:32 P


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12/13/13 5:22 P

Welcome to sparks so glad you found us

Take time to participate on all the groups you have joined - lots of encouragement there.

I have a new group called Changing my lifestyle is a challenge - come to my sparkpage to get to it - if you are interested in participating - giving and receiving encouragement -then please come join me on this journey

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12/13/13 5:06 P


I'm here in hopes that SparkPeople can be a long term tool I use to manage my nutrition and fitness. I've struggled with my weight since I was in grade school.

A little history to paint the picture:
-12 years old - weighed 275 lbs and joined Weight Watchers the first time
-17 years old - weighed 315 lbs
-19 years old - weighed 350 lbs
*YO-YO weight fluctuation began from this point forward
-27 years old - weighed 400 lbs
-27 years old had Rou-n-Y gastric bypass surgery - LOST 175 lbs over the next year and a half
-29 years old - weighed 205 lbs
-30 years old - weighed 220 lbs, which was a steady weight at this point, but went through a heart breaking breakup, which began a slow but steady weight gain in the following 5 years
-CURRENT day - 35 years old - weigh 330 lbs

I'm completely disapointed in myself for gaining over 100 lbs back. A lot of people who don't know a lot about gastric bypass surgery think it's a permanent fix, and an "easy fix". What they don't know is that you can gain the weight back. Especially if you don't learn how to manage your emotions (if you are an emotional eater, as most people are). For me, being lonely is where I've pinned my current emotional eating patterns from. I started seeing a counselor a couple of weeks ago to help in this area (and others that come up...hehe). I'm hoping that combining the regular counselor visits and managing my nutrition and fitness with SparkPeople is a good start to moving back in the right direction to ultimately living a healthy lifestyle...physically and emotionally.

I'm a very positive, motivational and social person, so please feel free to reply to this message. I actually love talking productively about this topic, so I might be just what one of you is looking for in a 2-way support scenario.

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