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MAUNIEP42 Posts: 174
9/5/14 2:02 P

Slowly cut back. You will see a difference soon!!

MELODY7578 SparkPoints: (8,921)
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9/5/14 11:37 A

Just a heads up, sugar is very addictive. Don't be surprised if in the first week or two that you feel worse and cravings are at a all time high. Push through, it's just your body going through withdrawal. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.

BUTTERCUPP76 SparkPoints: (12,362)
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9/5/14 11:25 A

Start small, one thing at a time so you won't overwhelm yourself. Good luck!

9/5/14 8:58 A

New to this but sugars crazy weight out of control feel like crap all the time gotta make some changes

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