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1/19/13 8:00 P

I'm fairly new also. Don't feel overwhelmed. Instead, try just entering what you normally eat for a few days and get a feel for how your calories, fats, proteins, etc. look at the end of the day. Just being aware of that will start to help you make informed choices in the future. I added fiber to my tracker and I discovered quickly that I traditionally was not eating enough fiber or protein. Now I look at labels to get an idea of those things before I buy them. Fruits have a lot of carbs in them and can push you past your carb limit quickly, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't eat them-- they have other benefits so you just have to be aware and intelligent about choices. I think the biggest benefit of a program like Spark People is just getting you in touch with your own mindless eating habits and choices. Since becoming more aware I've made better choices. It's not a diet, it's a lifestyle change so if you "fall off the wagon", just start over the next day.

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1/19/13 4:19 P

Patricia - Welcome to SparkPeople! The website and information can be overwhelming at first, but there is a wealth of information for us! Use the Search function at the top of the page to find videos and articles about SparkPeople, healthy lifestyles, and motivation.

I track everything in the morning, and then make changes if needed during the day.

Here's a link to a video showing how to use the Nutrition Tracker.

Hope this helps!


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1/19/13 12:40 P

Thanks, Very helpful. If I make a list and a food plan in writing, I will most probably stick with it. No decisions to make on the spot.

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1/19/13 11:01 A


Let me be one of the first to Welcome you to Sparkpeople. I am not an official greeter, just a member of several teams. Next, let's a take a moment to breath. Being new to Sparkpeople is like being the new kid in school or your first few days on a new job. I takes a while to figure out where everything is and how to use the copy machine. It's the same here. Just play with a few things and see how they work.

As far as the nutrition tracker... when you input a food (let's say milk) in the "Search" box, another box opens up for you to choose exactly what food you are looking for. Let's say you choose SKIM MILK. That's when you can choose your portion. Put that in (a cup, .5 cup, whatever) below that is a small white tab "Nutritional Info" hit that and it gives you calories, carbs, fat content, etc... That can help you plan your meals ahead of time.

There is also a recipe tab on the bottom of the right menu column. You can input menu items on that page as well as look up recipes. Give it a try.

If you need anything else you can email me directly.

Good luck and JUICE to you.

Jonny Mac

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1/19/13 10:02 A

Just started. Feel bombarded by so much on the website and can't figure out the nutrition tracker, which seems like you use it AFTER to track what you have already eaten, not plan before. And the food plans are confusing. What am I missing? As a lot of us know, if this gets hard, we tend to quit. Can't do that now. So, thought I would use this venue for some ideas. Thanks.
Just to introduce: My name is Patricia, I'm a legal assistant, and my main interest is dogs and rescue. Thanks to anyone for help....

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