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2/2/13 8:35 A

Thanks. I definitely know I wouldn't be ready yet, but in the long run. I don't want to just be skinny, I want to also be fit :) I wouldn't have even thought of the YM/WCA or library to rent things! Thanks again for the tips.

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2/2/13 1:38 A

Myadvice is to first take a long term view. Namely, if you start out too fast and either are too sore to continue or have injured yourself, then it doesn't matter how you started out.

If, on the other hand, you start slower, but continually work up, eventually, you'll be fitter and healthier.

Insanity or P90X may eventually be just the right thing for you, but better first to get your weight, diet and conditioning to the point where these will not hurt you, but help you.

If you have a YM/WCA in your area, I recommend going there for pointers, classes, or even affordable personal trainers. Also, your library may have some of these DVDs available to borrow, and try out.

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2/2/13 12:32 A

Hi everyone,

I've only started working out 3 weeks ago and have been doing the Leslie Sansone walk at home dvd which I do enjoy, but I know things should be spiced up once in a while and I am interested in trying one of Jillian Michael's dvd's, and eventually Insanity or p90x. My question is, if you do a workout like that that you aren't used to and then the next day are so sore you don't want to move, what should you do? Do you skip a day, or work through it? It usually takes more than one day for the soreness to pass and I wouldn't want to be out of commission that long.

Thanks for helping out a fitness newbie.

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