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7/7/13 1:06 P

Welcome to SP! I would join some sparkteams, challenges and find an accountability buddy to keep you motivated and on track. emoticon

KELLYK1027 SparkPoints: (7,570)
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7/7/13 11:49 A

Welcome! Sounds like we are kind of in the same boat! I am 22 and lost about 15lbs already, but plateaued and decided to join here!

PROUD-GRANDMA SparkPoints: (113,490)
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7/7/13 11:31 A

Welcome to SP! Check out the nutritional & fitness trackers. Join some teams & challenges! You got this!

ALLEYCATTUS SparkPoints: (32,778)
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7/7/13 9:58 A

Welcome to SP, this is a great place to learn and to get lots of help and motivation for your weight loss journey !
good luck always!

DEB2448 Posts: 203,967
7/7/13 2:15 A

Welcome to Spark People. This is a wonderful site full of many useful tools to help you with your weight loss journey. By joining a few teams you will get support and motivation from other members. Good luck in reaching your goals.

JESSSHOW SparkPoints: (8)
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7/6/13 11:29 P

Hi BJ! I am new to Spark People too and am hoping to find some sort of "buddy" to motivate me. I understand what you mean about friends still in the partying stage as my spouse is a little younger than me and is sort of the same way. The only advice I can give you for now is to make a plan (as in work out plan) and stick to it despite what your friends are doing. Easier said than done seeing as I have had a hard time doing it myself. But the hardest part is getting started. Instead of basing your plans on what your friends are doing, base yourself and your work out plans around your friends instead. Congrats on college!

SKYANGELIC SparkPoints: (3)
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7/6/13 10:31 P

Hi, im new here, im starting today a new weight loss program.....

MIAJOEB SparkPoints: (205,432)
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7/6/13 10:20 P

lots of information on how to break a plateau. see link

Hope this and other information really helps you.

7/6/13 10:06 P

Hi !!!

I'm new to Sparkpeople and I'm hoping to finally meet my weight loss goal. I've lost about 45 lbs in the last year on Weight watchers, but I plateaued pretty badly about halfway through. I am now looking to lose 35 more pounds. I'm 21 years old, fresh out of college and entering the full-time work world. All my friends are focused on drinking and eating carry out and although that sounds like fun at times, I have a goal to reach. Any advice on staying focused?

Thanks :)

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