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1/15/14 10:58 P

Thanks for the wonderful welcome. The menu planner is a great help but as a Brit working out some of the suggestions is a puzzle but as we all know we can all work around that and do what works for us, within the guide lines emoticon

SIMPLYME80 Posts: 406
1/9/14 9:41 P

Welcome! Spark has done wonders for me! Read all the suggestions, then find what works best for you. Everyone here is different sharing what worked for them. Lots of great ideas and advice. With some questions, Dietician Becky can help answer. My only advice is stay away from diet pills/herbals that Promises weight loss-they don't work and a waste of money. Good Luck on your weight loss journey.

KELLYFIT123 Posts: 1,312
1/9/14 8:51 A

Breakfast -- I try to have something with fiber and/or protein for breakfast, and I always have a piece of fruit. That could be eggs and rice, high-fiber cereal with soy milk, Greek yogurt with a cereal mixed in, or oatmeal.

Lunch -- I LOVE lunch. I make something on Sunday and bring to work on Monday for the entire week. I usually stay vegetarian at lunch. I often make variations on beans and rice dishes. This week I brought a quinoa and lentil dish with feta and cilantro. I bought some Babybel cheese to have as a 3:30pm snack.

Dinners -- Since I eat so well for breakfast and lunch, I have slightly bigger dinners. The key is planning. The last 2 days my BF and I had a salad, along with spaghetti and meat sauce. Sometimes we make tacos, or burgers, and I try to always have a side of veggies even if he doesn't. :)

Good luck and welcome!!

WHOLENEWME79 Posts: 950
1/2/14 7:38 P

Probably the best step to take if you don't do this already is- Add at least 1 serving of fruit and vegetables to each meal, and try to use fruits and vegetables for snacks. It can be hard, so start with what you like. For me, I LOVE grapefruit, so I eat that almost every day. 1 whole grapefruit is 1 serving, and only has about 50 calories.

Weight and measuring food is a good way to get a handle on your calorie intake. When I started, a serving of pasta was not what I thought it was!

SP has a great took in the meal plans- You can turn it on or off, but it can be a nice, relatively painless, transition into eating healthy. I used ti for a while and just subbed out things I did not like. For example, I hate eggs, so if it called for eggs, I'd use something else- egg beaters, cottage cheese, or otherwise, depending on the application.

Check out the diet and nutrition forum as well, that is a great place to ask for suggestions on diet, and it a bit more active than the recipes forum.

Welcome to SP, and good luck!


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1/2/14 12:36 P

Hi everyone! Thought I would stop in and say hello, I am looking for any kind of suggestions on how to start-what to eat day to day.....looking for ways to positively start eating healthy without starving all day. Any suggestions?

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