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5/1/14 8:36 A

New York girl here!!! and i just joined yesterday!!! i totally understand where your coming form!!! i lived in GA and SC most of my adult life, and just came back home about 5 years ago to get my kids away from the drugs that seemed to be popping up on every corner in the state we were in, not that it doesnt happen everywhere, but its not as bad in my sleepy little home town!!! so here i am... back in NY... emoticon and then i got hurt, and the pounds started packing on... the thing i like about this program is that with most programs that ive looked into they have set exercises, most of which my doctor would have a COW if i did... this program you can do what you can!!! i like it!!! Now my biggest hope is that i can get rid of the night time JUNK FOOD cravings that i have!!! good luck to you and if you ever want to chat, im right here!!!

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5/1/14 7:45 A

Welcome to SP!!! You found a great place with a lot of great people who are here to encourage and help. I encourage you to take baby steps. Since you are new and trying to get a little balance back, set small and specific goals to get started, like drinking 8 glasses of water, eating 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, or getting 10 minutes of exercise 3 days a week. As you hit these goals, increase them and/or add another one to help you build healthy living habits.

Remember, too, things didn't get out of control over night. It will take time to regain control and drop weight. The ultimate goal is to develop good habits you can maintain for life.

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4/30/14 10:50 P

Hello all....I am a bayou girl just south of New Orleans, Louisiana. Where the food is the best and partying is a life style. I am married with two children and 37 years old. I never had a weight problem until I had kids. Since then, I have been a yoyo. I have hit bottom at my highest weight. I have an extremely stressful job that I love. I always put others first and don't sleep much either.

I am looking for a support. Someone who can kick my butt when I need it. I need that added person to give me motivation.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks! emoticon

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