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BRANDTSGIRL Posts: 9,054
4/11/12 9:18 P

Hi Jeannie,
You have been give great advice,
Take it and run with it.
Post what you eat and what you do for your exercise and you'll lose those extra 45 lbs.
Be active on your team...and you'll find so much help on SP it's unreal.

SP is here to help you.... emoticon

LIVINHEALTHY9 SparkPoints: (341,173)
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4/11/12 8:19 P

Hi Jeannie,
Welcome to SP! Congrats on losing 75 lbs.
I know you will like it here. You will find all the tips and tools to help you reach your goals. Members are really supportive and helpful. Being active on your Spark teams is a great way to stay motivated and accountable. It's also a good way to make new friends.

Best of luck to you!

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4/11/12 3:16 P

I had been using the Realize my Success program but they've decided to discontinue it and recommended this site. I had gastric banding in July of 2011 and have lost 75 pounds. I'm currently at a plateau, but would like to ultimatly lose 45 more pounds. I do better if I track my progress, but I am hit and miss sometimes due to a busy schedule. Hope to find support/encouragment with this site.

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