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11/23/12 7:57 P


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11/12/12 11:14 A

A juicer is on my fitness wish list this year!!

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9/6/12 7:15 P

I don't juice, but I make green smoothies. Usually a blend of pineapple, some other melon, frozen apple slices and strawberry, a soft banana if I have one, and then I add at least two greens, such as shredded cabbage and spinach, or kale, or romaine. I generally toss some ground flaxseed in there. Yes... it is chunky. And you will be full.

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9/6/12 5:51 P has some great juice recipes under the "plans" tab! That's where I got a lot of mine from.

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9/6/12 5:04 P

Actually, the nutritional content of whole fruit will be very different from just the juice, especially if you're truly juicing and not just blending. You lose the fiber of the fruit, as well as the calories in the bulk that you are removing.

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9/5/12 12:45 P

I've actually done more veggies then fruits so far, because that is what I have. When I track the juice I am putting it in as whole fruits so the calories should be right. (BTW Raw Sweet potato, Carrot and orange is great!) I am going to try using the pulp in other recipes like homemade breads, crackers, and fruit leather so I can utilize the fiber etc.. I HATE waste so at the very least its going into my garden or worm compost! I want to get some Kale to juice instead of Spinach as well. The only thing is that with my centrifugal, it doesn't juice the spinach (leafy greens) very effectively, so I might have to work with that a little. So far, I love juicing because it fits with my schedule. It is much easier for me to drink then eat in the mornings. I usually do smoothies and I might stick with that for a while and do juice for a morning snack. or I might do a combo of the two. I am jealous for your Vitamix. I have a Cuisinart duo blender that is OK and a Magic bullet which I love for the convenience, but I would "Die for" a more commercial quality blender like the Vitamix.

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9/5/12 12:17 P

I have a juicer and a Vitamix. I love both of them but the Vitamix is great because you get the whole fruit instead of part of the fruit. The other thing that you can do with it is put veggies in with your fruit. I guess this is more for people that have trouble eating veggies. My husband does not like them so I juice the carrots with the juice. He can't taste it. I also do broccoli in there but he can taste that more. Spinach is another good thing to juice. I hope you enjoy juicing, just don't forget that when you juice you can eat (drink) a lot of calories very quickly so keep track of how much you are drinking.

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9/5/12 11:19 A

Anyone in fast break starting juicing or a seasoned juicer? I just got a centrifugal and want to learn the basics.

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