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2/5/12 9:03 A

Reading both of your journals have made me think about how different we all are in so many ways. Our metabolism, whether we bore children or not, our weight along with excersize
or not and a common desire to better ourselves I'm sure bears mind to how we can deal
with what we can eat and how we can or can't heal.
I know that I'm slow at healing, get infections easily and have the metabolism of a snail !

Just thought I'd write today and shed my feelings about other things besides water. I DO
have to drink alot of water to keep my digestive system "moving along" better.



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2/4/12 9:11 A

I'm 5'3" and 166# now and still miserable at this weight as my back hurts me still when I go walking. I read Gary Taubes' "WHY WE GET FAT AND WHAT TO DO ABOUT IT" and learned so much. It is the sugars/starches that are the issue since they spike our INSULIN and that stores fat and the stomach pumps out GHERLIN, the hunger hormone so we crave more. I loved his book and got it at the library. Dr. Atkins was right. We have Metabolic syndrome/Insulin Resistance and we just have to go back to a basic Paleo Diet of lean meat, fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds. I know processed foods are just so unnatural and my guts can't deal with them now at age 62.
Gary Taubes' is a Harvard Grad and has clips on YouTube.
Dr. Mercola is someone else that I follow on his web site and he is very interesting.

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2/2/12 7:11 A

had a knee replacement 11 weeks ago and my leg, not just my knee, continues to be discolored, swollen and holding heat. My orthopedic doctor, who did the surgery, acts like he's never seen anything like it, doesn't know what's causing it, and what to do about it. After 5 rounds of anti-biotics ( 1 intravenously and 2 in a humungous shot to the hip), ultrasound, bloodwork, 2 x-rays, fluid drawn from the knee twice, he finally sent me to a vascular surgeon. He asked me how much water I drink - I told him I don't make the 8 glasses a day, but try to get as much in as I can. He said cut down on the water! He feels that there is no need to drink unless you are thirsty and then only enough to quench your thirst. All I kept saying was "Incredible" as it goes against everything I ever heard about staying hydrated...and then some. He said my swelling was normal in a healing knee replacement. Why then does the orthopedic doctor go spastic every time he sees it?? He said he'd write that doctor a letter, but it still doesn't answer the question. BTW I am 5'3'' tall and weigh 280 pounds have arthritis and have been diabetic for the last 33 plus years. My last bloodwork was wonderful, hab1c was 5.4 and cholesterol panel well within normal ranges. I continue to be frustrated about my leg and my inability to do anything about my weight. Any comments about all of this?

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