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5/3/13 3:26 P

Yes - I agree. But we eat there every week and bring about 12 - 20 people every time, so we pretty much have a green light to do whatever we want. Th emoney spent on top-shelf magaritas and food make up for the bag of chips.

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5/3/13 2:44 P

Be careful with bringing outside food into restaurants or eateries, there are health department (and profit) concerns regarding that. A possible way to help with the chips is also to count out a set number onto your napkin and then have only that amount. Break them into smaller pieces and eat them slowly.

As to your first, very good to remember. Also, just the type of restaurant can help you with ideas of what to have before you go. If you know you're going out to Italian, you know that minestrone soup, tomato-based pastas, and salads with dressing on the side are all good choices to make, etc.

Great job making better choices even when the circumstances aren't ideal.

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5/3/13 2:41 P

That's a good idea for a short workout. We tend to bike for the entire afternoon so I would need to pack a cooler for veggies. Actually, most Mexican restaurants, even though, it's not always on the menu will serve steam veggies. One of my favs is getting a chicken taco in a corn tortilla with guacomole and steamed veggies. The problem is the 500 calorie margaritas. Baby steps right?

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you can also bring a small bag of fresh veggies for dipping (celery, sweet pepper strips, baby carrots are all good)

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1. When going out to eat, I struggle with making healthy choices. I don't want to hold everyone up by mulling over a decision so I usually just pick quickly and immediately regret my decision. Since most restaurants have online menus available, I will check them out in advance. If it's a chain, they most likely have nutritional information posted online. If it is not, then there is a "close to" available using another restaurant.

2. A group of friends always hits us the local Mexican eatery after working. It is a social thing and none of them are overweight. The work out and reward themselves with food and drink. I join for the social aspect. I used to just indulge along hoping my post-workout burn would take care of it. But, for anyone who has looked up the calories and fat in the chips alone knows that you are consuming way more calories in one meal than most of us should all day. Workout or not. My new strategy is to bring baked scoops along to replace the chips in the basket near me.

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