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6/6/14 1:49 P

I've lost four pounds! I'm happy with that so far.

Here's what I've been doing. I've been taking a 1-2 mile walk every day.
I've been trying to eat, eat, eat vegetables. At least once meal is a salad with some kind of protein.
I've been limiting carb snacks in quantity and frequency. But I am letting myself have some of my favorite things (like Trader Joes chocolate), but just small amounts.

I am trying to eat "real food." When I go to the grocery store, I try to fill my cart from the produce aisle. I avoid the middle aisles, and try to head to the meats and the freezer aisle.
I am drinking more water. It's harder on the days I go to work. It's easier at home.

Mostly, I feel that one big difference is that I'm not focusing on "dieting."

I just want to save my life. My sister, mom, and female cousins got so overweight (300-400 lbs) that they chose to have gastric bypass to get control of tehir lives back. Rather than trying to be "skinny" (which is neither realistic or more enticing than a doughnut), I'm just trying to stop gaining weight. I was 30 lbs lighter 4 years ago. I am afraid of that trend, especially watching my mom and sister let the weight-gain get out of hand. I need to break the cycle in my family!!! Especially as my little guy grows up.

Thank you everyone for your responses. It is great to be a part of a community.

6/6/14 1:08 P

ITA about walking. A baby in the stroller makes for very nice walks. I think also you don't have to love exercise. My bff hates running but she does it anyway. She said she hates it and after feels tired, but she feels good when she is done. it's easier if you love it, but if it's just a habit, it will grow on you.

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6/6/14 8:31 A

You don't have to love exercise, you just have to find one that you tolerate enough to do regularly. Diet is far more important than exercise anyways. As a new mom, you should have an arsenal of quick, healthy recipes ready to go. Babies are awesome for walks because they will generally sit in the stroller for ages with no fuss. You want to get your healthy habits in place before having another child (not lose all the weight - healthy habits!) because it sure isn't easier with 2.

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6/5/14 11:09 P

i completely agree, losing weight takes time.

4/27/14 9:37 P

I would start tracking food and staying in sparks suggested ranges. You can't crash diet - esp if you are planning on another child in 6 months.

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4/24/14 11:16 A

How do i get started? I have a one year old. I was 75 lbs overweight before I got pregnant and I still am!

I haven't found an exercise that I love. (I've tried running, swimming, gyms, videos)
I take care of my one year old when I'm not at work.
Also, I'd like to get pregnant again in the next 6 months.

Any starting advice?

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