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Hello Jenna,

Thank you for your response. I ticked diabetic when I answered the questionaire, I am pre diabetic not diabetic but the system has registered me as a diabetic and I want to loose weight not gain it but it says I need to gain weight.....all very confusing to me. I will try your suggestion, thank you.

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I'm not sure what you mean by "reset your account." Are you trying or reset your weight loss plan? From the Nutrition page, click on the link to change your goals. If you need further help, go to the Site/Technical Help message board.

Good luck on your journey!

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1/16/14 1:17 A

Hello everybody,

I don't know how to reset my account so I am just going to diarise everything that I do here.
My name is Tanya, I am 49 and weigh 69 kg's. My goal is to loose 15 kg's in the next few months so that I can usher in my 50's in style ! If somebody can please tell me how to reset my account I would appreciate it.
Well I started my program on Monday and I have walked every day (3,8km in an hour) and also done the pilates 12 minute Ab work out every day. I drink about 2 liters of water a day as well as black Rooiboss tea (a herbal tea from South Africa). This morning I had 175 fat free yoghurt, with a table spoon of linseed and an apple. I supplement with Vitamin C and take a tablespoon of omega every morning. For lunch i plan to have 30gr's of almonds, 2 provita, a cup of salad (bean sprouts and cucumber) and a plumb and for dinner 120gr mackrel and a cup of salad (have not decided yet).

I am on Warfarin, quite a high dose so I have to watch what I eat as I am not supposed to eat foods that are rich in Vitamin K and this is the main reason why I have gained weight as my options are bread, starches and non green veg..........all the things that I never used to eat!! I stopped drinking sugar in my drinks when I was 19 and stopped eating wheat in my 30's. My only big vice (and a very bad one at that) was diet soda, I have cut that out completely now. Since January 2013 when I got the DVT I have gained 20 pounds. I could not walk for a while so that did not help either. This getting old business sucks!! anyway I am rambling now...
Have a FAB day everybody :-)

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