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Hello E, welcome emoticon back to SP! I am glad you were so successful with the help of SP before, so you know you'll have a good time on your journey to reach your goals again. Can I just say, emoticon emoticon on quitting smoking! I am not a smoker but I know a lot of people who have struggled a long time to quit and that it is NOT easy..Good for you! I am sorry to hear about the back problems, I have a bit of experience with that myself, just not as severe. I don't have much knowledge to offer on what exercises are okay for you given your recent surgery and recovery..I would definitely ask the PT what you should start with(I'm sure you already have.) or your doctor for advice. I can tell you though, (I am not a spokesperson for curves or anything but) I am currently attending as part of my fitness routine..If you don't know how it works, curves is a cardio circuit(30 seconds on each machine with 30 seconds rest between) workout that has hydraulic machines..So how hard you work determines how hard of a workout you get, does that make sense? The machines all provide hydraulic resistance, so if you don't push/pump/squat or whatever movement you do on that particular machine very fast or hard, there won't be as much resistance. All of the machines are VERY low impact. From my experience, there all all ages of women with all kinds of medically necessary limitations that are able to do this because of the self-adjusting workout. For example, there is a 63-year old woman recovering from a broken shoulder and collarbone that comes in 4 days a week, and one of the ladies I see daily came in the first day with a walker( just weeks after her double hip replacement), came back the second day with only a cane and has since fully recovered. She said she is in better physical shape now at 57 than she was at 27. If you start off slow your body will have time to readjust to the physical demands of working out, and then you can push a little harder/faster ect. each time of up it each week until you're comfortable and strong enough(your back, I mean) to jump back in to everything else. They also provide someone to "coach" you while you're working out to make sure you are doing it correctly, and since it's a circuit you don't have to figure out what you should do/build your routine. The circuit provides several machines to work each major muscle group. I push it to the max when I work out and sweat insanely! I top out my target heart rate, and it feels sooo good! emoticon I enjoy it because the other ladies and I chit chat and goof off and have fun while doing it..and we hold each other accountable emoticon ! It cost about $40 a month though, but that's generally the cost of any other gym membership. Also, your insurance may cover part of it, as a wellness plan (I think you pay $10 a month) given that it is medically necessary for you. I just realized that because I remembered one of the elderly ladies telling me she chose that over continuing physical therapy because of the cost. I'd check out SP's workout videos, too. I just did that for the first time today and did several videos I enjoyed! I'm sure you could message coach Nicole for advice! Happy sparking, and emoticon ! emoticon !

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Hi. I joined around 2008, but hadn't been active until just recently. I am in my 30's with endo & arthritis issues, while trying to get my body healthier and quit smoking (hopefully for good this time). I understand your struggles with pain (the need for lower impact workouts & rebuilding strength w/ fat loss) and quitting smoking (at least the attempt points and weight gain while attempting). You can add me if you want. I will try to help as much as I can. Good luck! =)

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Do you have a physical therapist? A physical therapist might be able to help provide some exercises. Has your doctor ok'd you to do exercise?

You could try using the workout generator to find something that would work for you.

Workout Generator:

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8/18/13 4:44 P

Hello Im new here
emoticon I need to lose 25- 30lbs

Im a 28yr old female from Mass and Ive used this site years ago and found making friends on here helped.....

I used to be 260lbs went to down150lbs within 2years with diet ,exercise and some crazy LOL
and kept it off for 5years since 2008
5months ago I was 150 bouncing to 160 and I was happy with that.. I looked and felt great at that weight!
Of course I did I had dropped 14jean sizes and kept it off !! emoticon

BUT then I quit smoking cigs 5months ago and also had back surgery on my L5 S1 disc, they removed a piece of the disc to relieve my sciatic nerve ...(had leg pain for 2years before surgery) I went up to 170lbs before my surgery with the no smoking thing....(smoked for 12 years) in the begining of this past May...and since the sugery Ive gotten up to 185 :( So Ive gained like 25-30lbs emoticon

My Goal is to be back at 165 for now... emoticon
Im fairly healed from surgery it is past the 12 week mark my dr gave me to be healed...and I am still in some physical therapy sessions....

The back issue and the no smoking is leaving me needing support from people who understand the struggle.... emoticon

Thankyou for reading my intro into your community :)


ANY TIPS on toning my upper body SAFELY or Of any workout DVDS that are SAFE and maybe even made for someone with slipped discs let me know!

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