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GLITTERFAIRY77 Posts: 8,023
1/23/13 7:42 P

Girl, I am right there with you!!! I have been a sparkmember for nearly SEVEN years! (Feel free to check out my page and blogs!) You have the support. I promise. Check out some of the teams. I am part of one called 30 somethings with 100 to lose, that has become quite active as of late (especially the "Daily Chat" thread.) You can catch the link from my page if you're interested.

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1/23/13 7:35 P

Thank you! My husband and I lost 50 pounds each last year by going to the gym and watching calories and since then we both have gained it all back and then some. If only we would've kept going. So frustrating. But I'm lucky enough to have been given another day to make a change I suppose.

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1/23/13 7:22 P

Hello to you and welcome. I was wildly successful 2 years ago and lost from 232 to 169, but most of all I became fit and in the best health of my life. I strayed, I gained but I am back and glad to be where you are now. Working hard and supporting each other!

EXCUSEFREEIN13 SparkPoints: (237)
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1/23/13 7:08 P

New here. Need to lose 100 pounds and get healthy for myself and my family. Hoping to get the support I so desperately need.

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