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1/15/13 12:35 A

Hi, yes I have been to the doctor, an orthopedic, the same one who replaced my hip. He was giving me cortisone shots every 6 months but those stopped working, so summer 2012 he gave me the synvisc injections. They helped up until about 2 weeks ago, I go back to him on Valentine's day.

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Check out Limited Mobility Lifestyle center!

Have you been to your doctor? The first, most important step for you right now is to go and get clearance for exercise before you start. Remember that losing weight is 80% nutrition, and only 20% exercise, but moving will help your arthritis. Not only have studies shown that exercise improves symptoms, anecdotally I can confirm it has helped me a lot!

LUVMY4BOYZ73 Posts: 18
1/14/13 11:51 P

Hi, I am new here and if possible, would like to find a few good friends to help me along this long journey I have ahead of me, I will gladly help you as well. I am in need of very low impact exercise due to severe arthritis and pain in my right knee. It is always swollen, always hurts, it crunches, grinds and pops. (Doctor refuses to replace it due to my age-39). I also had a total hip replacement in 2010 due to severe arthritis (was walking with a cane at 36 yrs old)--appearantly fake knees do not last as long as fake hips. Anyway, if anybody has any ideas or suggestions for a workout video that is very low impact, yet would help me get moving and start losing weight, I would really appreciate it. Thank you in advance!

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