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2/17/12 12:16 P


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2/17/12 11:27 A

thank you for yr reply its nice to know im not on my own i try to get on as often as i can hope spark people will b very helpful to u to u didnt say wat yr illness is duc hope this will help u towards gettin abit better im still findin my way round ha il get there oneday keep in touch take care gloria x

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2/15/12 8:08 P

Hi Gloria, Good luck to us, right? and all the Sparkpeople. I hope this plan with help your health problems, keep us informed. From, Stupidos

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2/15/12 4:13 A

hy there im new myself my name is gloria iv bn on this site f a few days and im gettin there slowly we all hv to start somewhere i hv bn diagnosied with diverticulitis which is very painful and iv gt to change all my way of life food mostly no dairy produces at all and go on high fibre diet also i hv cronic head pain syndrome in my head which dsnt help still it will take a while sort it all out iv fd spark people really helpful look forward to hearin from u and others ta can help me gloria from england in staffordshire

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2/14/12 11:08 P

emoticon to Sparkpeople!

You have made a GREAT decision for your health! This website is full of information that will help you learn how to be a much healthier version of you. There are so many tools available to you here such as:

1) nutrition and fitness tracking
2) exercise demos and videos
3) health and wellness articles
4) SP challenges for quick-start, diabetes, sleep, etc.
5) member-led challenges
6) teams for just about any interest or demographic
7) healthy recipes
8) member blogs such as mine:

Take baby steps at first; take more steps as you get better at it. Keep reaching towards your goals and you will achieve success.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I will be happy to help!


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2/14/12 9:23 P

I am new to this, and it is a bit overwhelming so it will take a few days to figure out how to work these trackers. But I want to learn how to use these tools. It looks like alot of fun.

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