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1/1/13 8:51 P

so I ended up going to the party.. and drinking. I drank vodka with seltzer water and a splash of cranberry.. BUT I did NOT touch any food they had set up. I am now realizing that my problem isn't the's the day after. Today I felt like booty and the gym is closed on the first.. so I couldn't do that. I ate dunkin donuts.. and just have not logged anything. Tomorrow is a new day :) I'm not feeling like a failure yet!

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1/1/13 12:14 A

I am so sorry that I read this late. Please, come in and tell us how you did! And get your butt back on the wagon, You can do this!

MICHCLEARY SparkPoints: (87,026)
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12/31/12 11:17 P

I wonder what you decided to do? Sorry this is posted too late for your party but one way I can stay healthy at a gathering is to keep a glass of water in my hand at all times. If I've got that it's hard to drink or eat other things. I also try to spend time talking to my friends as far from the food as possible.

Those are some options if you don't feel strong. Regardless - don't beat yourself up. Get up the next morning and get back in the saddle. No one is perfect, and one night of imperfection should never cause you to want to give up.

SHELLYGON321 Posts: 1,463
12/30/12 11:18 P

If you don't want to go, or if you think going will be bad for your health, TELL YOUR HUNNY.

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12/30/12 9:27 P

If you haveeee t o drink bring a light beer with you!!! mich 62 cals...or take some skinny girl cocktails!!! there is a bunch of recipes online! and a bunch you can just buy at the liquor store!

BELLY327 SparkPoints: (2,670)
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12/30/12 9:13 P

My fiance and I have not been able to spend New Years Eve together that much in the 7 years we've been together. We have probably only spent about 2 together (due to his job as an offshore fisherman). We are invited to a New Years Eve Party tomorrow night and I would LOVE to go. The problem is alcohol. I know that my nerves will get the best of me, and I will drink. This will lead to falling off the wagon. I really just want to will myself to stay home and spend it with my fiance and our 5 year old daughter. I need encouragement I guess.

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