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Hi Stephanie,
It sounds like you have a well thought out plan to get healthy. Good for you!
This is a great site with lots of info, tips and tools to help you reach your goals. Members are really helpful and supportive. Being active on your Spark teams will help keep you accountable and it's a good way to make new friends with similar interests.

Best of luck to you!

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2/7/12 1:51 P

I love your plan Stephanie!

Being realistic is the first step forward in this journey. The nutrition and fitness trackers are so helpful. I think making your health a priority is a wonderful thing. I only wish I had done so at your young age.

Poke around the site - try the exercise videos and demos, read the articles, try a few spark recipes, join a team or two of common interests/goals and read personal blogs. You can begin with one of mine:

Whatever you do - don't give up. The destination is not optional, the journey begins!

Press On!


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Hi All,

I'm new to Spark People and I am determined to 2 Realistic and Achievable Goals this year and Yes I'm a Pisces baby. The first is to Succeed at my new position as a Marketing Specialist for the Communications and Media vertical for a successful well respected Boston based software company and second to lose these nagging 40lbs and get in the Best Shape of My Life. I have a full schedule so I am using the nutrition tracker to help me stay on course, within my calorie range and choose the best healthy food options. I am also enrolled in the Healthy Challenge at work where I am on the Mighty Marketers team. We receive points for healthy choices and activities and it is open to the whole company globally. It is a fantastic way to check in every day and be health minded and encouraged every day. My goals are interconnected and I believe that the more healthy I become mentally and physically, the better I will perform at work and be in the best frame of mind to handle projects. Moving forward I want to be in the best shape of my life not only for myself but for the opportunity to be in healthy state of mind as I start to date again. I want to connect to my soul mate, marry and have children one day. I know that in order to get to that next step I need to be in great shape and take great care of myself and my body. I am 35 years young and I am focused on living a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life.

I plan to interact more with the people and the site and I thank the Spark People for all the work they do in providing this wonderful healthy e-service. Best Stephanie emoticon

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