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1/2/11 1:13 P

Go into Edit your SparkPage. It's near the bottom....if memory serves.

SCHENZ Posts: 17
1/1/11 10:09 P

I do not make resolutions, but I am going to be working on short term goal setting as well.

My wife said join this site, and we are going to do it together, so my current goal is to make my daily entries of food and exercise.

I am also planning on doing the MS Bike 150 this august so I joined a challenge here to help keep me on track for training for this thing....

PS, how do you guys get those tracking things at the bottom of your posts?

GBO323 SparkPoints: (31,201)
Fitness Minutes: (18,712)
Posts: 470
1/1/11 4:53 P

Goal-setting is important. Not looking at 50 pounds to lose, but maybe 5 at a time. Taking it in steps will make it doable and allow you to set mini-goal and to reward yourself along the way.

1/1/11 4:41 P

I got a way for you to tweak that idea (which is excellent, btw). Write down on paper, at the start of each week, what exercises you will do on what day and write down all the food you KNOW you can eat (allowed calorie intake).

Writting it down makes it more real and keeps you accountable. It'll take less than a half hour to do that to NOT do that is a sign you may NOT be ready to lose any weight. I do this and it works.

1/1/11 4:20 P

My Resolution is to work on short term goal setting. I have often found myself setting the resolution of losing 50 pounds this year, but no longer. My resolution is that each day I am going to get out of bed, set a goal for the day...whatever it may be, and not worry about tomorrow, as each day has enough trouble of its own.

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