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1/10/13 10:56 A

yeah I stopped at Target yesterday and there was none but reading Nicole's blog - it said the end of January so yeah let's give them a little more time.....will try anyway.... :)

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,916
1/10/13 10:21 A

Sometimes that's the problem when you're a little company like ours trying to get into a big store like Target :)

Coach Jen

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1/10/13 10:14 A

Thanks, Coach Jen. I have 3 of the 4 DVDs and want to eventually get the 4th! I wish Target did a better job of the location/stocking of the exercise DVDs,especially Sparkpeople DVDs. I wish Target included it on their website that the DVD is actually in the Target stores, even if a select few. Typically, you should be able to check on line to see if there is inventory of a product in your neighborhood Target. This is not the case.

I bought a previous Sparkpeople DVD at Target and the location is hidden in a small isle with exercise equipment. It's not in the DVD section of the store which is the most logical place to look. I hope fellow sparker's can actually find the DVD at Target.

I guess I will wait for Target to get it's spark on!

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,916
1/10/13 6:54 A

I don't know the details of how Target stocks its shelves, but that's definitely an issue on their end, not ours. If we could be sure they were available in every Target in the country, we would :)

Coach Jen

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1/9/13 10:38 P


I too am trying to buy this DVD at Target, but it doesn't list it at any local store or on-line on it's website either. It's not even listed in the inventory at all! I guess I'd have to drive 25 miles one way to see if it's stocked in my nearby store or call and try to talk to a 'knowledgeable' store clerk and ask them if it's stocked on the shelves; this is a bit defeating to get the additional 250 points. Not worth advertising the bonus of 250 points if it's not available.

SPARK_COACH_JEN Posts: 65,916
12/29/12 1:21 P

You can only get the points from buying the DVD in a Target store, not from buying it at

Sorry about that!

Coach Jen

12/29/12 9:44 A

Has anyone been able to order the new SparkPeople DVD, "Total Body Sculpting," at When I search that title, another DVD with the same name comes up but it isn't Coach Nicole's. Or maybe you have to visit an actual store to purchase it? Would like to get those extra 250 SparkPoints for buying with Target, but I need to be able to order online.

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