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4/8/14 10:00 A

Runners need to warm up well before runs and stretch thoroughly post runs. Inner knee pain might mean your quads are really tight which would make sense especially as a new runner. It is normal also to feel tight again a few hours after your run. A short walk of five minutes is enough to warm you again to stretch those muscles again.

Search the spark videod for stretching after runs.

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4/5/14 10:05 P

Don't get discouraged, there will be small set backs, you will recover and start at a slower pace next time. Keep walking, try Walking with Leslie on youtube if the weather gets bad but keep at it! You walk before you run and then sometimes it remains a walk/run situation. The first time I did the C2K I stayed on week one for 3 weeks, same with the second week and then it just got easier. The earlier in the game, the easier to injure yourself, but even those who have been at it a long time get injured. Just listen to your body when it whispers, don't wait until it screams. Wish I paid more attention to the whispers when I was younger.

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4/5/14 7:51 P

Thank you both for your responses. I guess I knew that this was probably more than normal soreness but I was hoping that wasn't the case. I'll stop running for now and see what happens. I have been regularly walking one or two times a day with my dogs. Sometimes they want to stop and check out every smell so those walks are pretty pokey but most of the time we get moving at a pretty good clip so I felt like I was ready to start running. This is really disheartening.

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4/5/14 1:01 P

I would ease up for a while, inside knee pain as you are describing sounds like an injury to the meniscus which could take some time to heal. If it persists I would see your doctor. Sometimes we do too much too soon and we can cause injury. Muscle soreness is one thing but pain and ligament injuries mean we need to pay close attention and rest until healed.

I have knee issues, have had surgery for a torn ACL and meniscus tear. It is preferable not to get to a point where surgery is required as knee surgery usually results in arthritis down the road and believe me it is not what you want to have happen. I have days where I can run and be active and then there are days and days where I can barely walk. Every day is painful, some more than others so treat your knees with kindness, don't ever work through the pain, it is a recipe for future pain and possible restricted activity.

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4/5/14 10:25 A

Powering through pain is never a good idea. Working through soreness is one thing, but actual pain? That's your body telling you to slow it down.

Did you have a good walking base before starting? Running is definitely something that takes time for your body to adapt to and you want to ease into running sloooowly to avoid injury.

The inside of the knee is where the MCL is, which is a ligament, not a muscle. Pain in a ligament generally means that something isn't working right. It might be time to make an appointment with an orthopedist to see if there is something mechanically wrong.

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4/5/14 9:39 A

I searched the topics on knee pain and didn't see one that specifically addressed my situation, so I'm going to pose the question. I am an overweight, unfit 57 year old in my 4th week of a C25K program. I invested in a good pair of running shoes that were recommended after an analysis at a running store so I think they support my feet well and fit well. The clerk commented that my ankles fall inward when I walk and recommended shoes to help with that. During my first couple of weeks of the C25K program, I had no pain except for the expected sore muscles that had been dormant for so long. In my third week, when I started running for 3 minute intervals, my knees were a little sore. Specifically, the side of the knee that's on the inside of the leg. Both knees feel the same. The pain's not so bad that I am limping, but I do feel it when I walk. It's also not bad enough to keep me from running. I'm actually not sure if it goes away as I warm up but I notice it at the beginning of my workout but not in the middle of the run.

Is this something I should try to work through by continuing my exercise program - maybe it's just more of those dormant muscles protesting? I did take it easier for a week - ran just once instead of three times and stayed on week 3 instead of moving to week 4 which has a longer run. But the pain's still there. No better/no worse. I tried taking Aleve for a few days but that also didn't seem to make a difference. If I just need to power through the pain until my muscles become more fit, I can do that. But I don't want to cause any serious damage if this is not just normal aches and pains. Any suggestions?

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