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LADYBUG-DR Posts: 628
6/23/11 1:08 P

Thanks LOVE4KITTIES for your reply.
I totally agree with in that the calories on this diet are way to low!! I do not follow the meal plan. I need more calories than the 1080 recommended on the women's plan - 1080 calories is insane!
I do however agree with the focus on protein intake. I did the Atkins diet plan way back in 1999-2000. It was at that time I started reading and studying the whole issue of carbs vs protein. I agree with and practice myself of concentrating more on lean proteins and veggies at meal time than on the carbs portion of the meal.
I eat carbs in that I put fruit in my protein smoothies and eat lots of salads and veggies with lean protein and not so much pasta, potatoes or bread.
I can easily pass on pasta, potatoes and breads - thankfully.
I just personally agree with eating in this manner.
I love protein shakes and drink lots of them. I also love the protein bars that NLD offers. I believe they are better than candy bars. I also think of them as being healthier.
I could never stictly follow this diet! I would be starving and cranky!
I have a few friends that follow the Healthy Lifestyle diet which is very similiar to the New Lifestyle Diet. They have lost a ton of weight. I warn them about the carbs and gaining it all back if they are not extremely carefull. I also know this from first-hand experience from the Atkins diet.
Good Luck to You!!
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LOVE4KITTIES Posts: 4,690
6/22/11 4:30 P

I kind of hate to admit this, but I'm very familiar with the NLD. My sister, who is into low carb diets, talked me into trying this once (and she also talked me into a low-carb diet with real foods a couple of times too). Anyway, if I remember correctly, I did the NLD for maybe 4-5 months. I lost about 15 lbs the first month. Mostly, it was just water loss from using up my glycogen stores (not actual fat loss). I lost about 7 lbs the first week, maybe 4 the next week and then a couple of pounds a week for the next two weeks. Then, I lost nothing more. Not even an ounce. I kept to the plan very strictly. I guess my body went into starvation mode or something (the calories in the diet are about 800-1000/day, if I remember correctly), but, I didn't lose after that initial month and, as I said, it was mostly water weight anyway, not actual weight loss from losing fat.

The diet is not healthy. It is too low in calories, too high in sodium and it is very low in potassium. I'm sure that there are other nutrient deficiencies, but I don't remember the exact details anymore. It is very high in protein, which carries its own risks. It is very low carb (not good as your body needs carbs to function correctly), and is designed to make you go into ketoacidosis (which is not a healthy state to be in, despite what some may say). This diet made me feel awful. It gave me serious headaches, horrible breath, made me feel severely tired and also made it difficult for me to concentrate. I was hungry and miserable and I craved carbs the entire time (not just during some "withdrawal" period, which is what I've heard people talk about). The instant I stopped the diet, the weight came piling back on, plus more weight.

It's not a healthy way to lose weight (if you lose much weight on it at all except water weight). If you do manage to take off some actual weight (from fat), it most likely will not be a sustainable loss. So, I do not recommend this diet. I do agree, however, that the peanut butter bars are very tasty!

Anyway, I really recommend that you just go with the plan that Spark People will set up for you. You don't need to eat the food on their meal plans, just set up your own plan using the foods that you like and follow the SP recommendations for calories, carbs, fats, protein and fiber. This is a healthy, sustainable, way to lose weight and you can set up your meals and foods so that you will not feel sick, miserable or deprived and will feel good and be healthy while you lose weight at an appropriate rate. Moderation, patience, persistence and making lifelong healthy lifestyle changes are what will help you to lose weight and keep it off.

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LADYBUG-DR Posts: 628
6/22/11 12:24 P

Anyone else familiar with the New Lifestyle Diet?
I know somebody(s) has to be as I found their line of foods in the nutrition tracker.
I found teams for the Ideal Protein diet but nothing on NLD, which I find to be better!
I find the Ideal Protein to be extremely expensive ($27/box). I've picked up some of their items, the protein powder for smoothies, the bars, etc. I love their Cream of Chicken soup mix - very yummy!!
The NLD food is much cheaper ($12.50/box) but I can only order it online and the shipping can get expensive.
I order the starter package, $19.99 + free shipping. I love the powders. So far I've only eaten the Peanut Butter Chocolate Bar that was included in the starter package and it was fantastic! Better than any candy bar!
Wondering who else does the New Lifestyle Diet and what is your favorite food item.
I lost 4 pounds the first week and I only did it half-heartedly.
Are you seeing results?

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