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LADYCJM SparkPoints: (57,456)
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8/31/13 1:10 P

I remember how hard it was readjusting to the school year. Exciting and scary!

Sometimes I think we have both to high and too low of expectations of our kids. We expect 5 year olds to sit still and read and accept that 11 year olds haven't figured out to go to the bathroom before class.

Good luck and good year to all.

JANIEWWJD SparkPoints: (587,443)
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8/31/13 12:58 P

My Godchild is five years old. He is in a new school and he absolutely loves it and his pretty teacher!!!! LOL!!!

LOSE4LIFE47 Posts: 69,265
8/31/13 10:17 A

I can't even begin to imagine how kids feel going back to school.

MOLLYSGAN Posts: 481
8/31/13 9:25 A

So many kids back to school, many are going to a new school, and all school have new kids, some of the kids are have hard time to adjust to the new rule and procedure, new teacher, new locker...... it's been a very hard week, hope next week gets better.

Am so surprise so many kids in 6th grade are have problem follow instruction or direction, so many wait until they get in class, than ask to go to restroom; in the wrong class; and complain the first week got Home Work and test already, so many babies!

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