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12/4/12 10:19 A

Congrats on the new baby!
You might want to checkout this article from SP's sister site, BabyFit. You can start rebuilding your core before you even start regular exercise.

I also found batch meals easiest. Some of the crockpot sloppy joes, chili, and burrito recipees I found on SP are my favorites. Add a tortilla or ww bread and it's a meal.

During the first few weeks postpartum, I would keep a stock of fiber one bars and apples in the baby's room for night time feedings when my appetite was raging with the initial milk coming in.

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12/2/12 8:54 A

I recommend checking out Spark's recipes. You can narrow your search down based on prep time. I usually make a batch of something like a mix for a wrap to last the next 3 days. It maybe takes 5-10 mins to throw together and then just a few minutes to throw it together in a wrap. I heat up a sweet potato in the microwave (save half for later) or I have cottage cheese with it and there's my lunch. There's quite a few easy chicken/fish recipes there as well that only take about 10 mins to prep. I'll cook up some brown rice and make enough of that for the next 3 days. You get the idea.

I always try to think; complex carb, healthy fat and lean protein with every meal/snack.

For exercise and the stay at home mom. I find fitness videos/dvds the best! There are plenty of videos that specifically cater to new moms. You can start by using the Spark videos or maybe find some on youtube and then eventually purchase your own when you figure out what style of fitness you prefer; dance, kickboxing, jump rope etc.

Make sure you concentrate on strenght training as well. I devote just as much time to strength training as I do to cardio and the pay offs are big! When you lose weight, not only do you lose fat but lean muscle as well. So you want to maintain that muscle through strength training.
Benefits of strength training include;
Building strength (makes cardio and daily chores easier)
Maintain lean muscle and get more toned
Boosts your metabolism and burn more calories through out the day
Reduce body fat %
Reduce risk of injury
Reduce risk of diabetes, heart disease and osteoporosis.

As a new mom you're going to really want to concentrate on that core and repairing the muscles after pregnancy.

So once you get your doctor's clearance. Just start out slow. Start with 10-15 mins of low impact/low intensity cardio and a very basic strength training routine. As you get more fit, you can increase duration and intensity.

Congrats on your new little addition. ;)

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12/1/12 10:51 P

There was a blog on dailySpark about learning to maintain your weight before you try to lose. There was a study done, and those people who learned to maintain first kept the weight off. Since you can't exercise, it might be a good place to start.

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11/27/12 12:57 P

Hi everyone! I am trying to get back into shape after giving birth to my son. The little guy just turned one week old today. I am currently not exercising until I get an all clear from my doctor on my 4 week PP visit. Right now I am just trying to concentrate on eating right. I gained almost 60 pounds while pregnant and I was already almost 30 pounds over weight. So I have almost 100 pounds to lose. emoticon It seems like such a large number, but I know I can do it, if I stay positive. Dealing with sleepless nights already....any advice on eating healthy would be greatly appreciated. I need ideas for quick, easy, no hassle meals and exercises.


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