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2/3/13 5:53 P

you should see a doctor about this problem to put you on the right track.a swollen red leg could come from plebetis i have experinced emoticon

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2/3/13 5:48 P

Red, welcome to SP! Type II diabetes is lifestyle developed and lifestyle controlled. You know you have it, now you can get rid of it! Where do you start? CUT THOSE CARBS!!! Focus on Proteins and leafy greens. Stay clear of starches, including corn, peas and potatoes.
As your weight decreases, the diabetes will too, but be warned that it WILL be a challenge. The payoff is priceless, though. We are here for you!


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2/3/13 3:17 P

I am redvelvet69561.
I am thinking of changing it to Full Of Sugar!

Well 2013 really kicked me in the butt.
I am 56
My BP went to 200, I always has low pressure so I never watched it.

But the kicker was last Tues, went into emerg. my foot was swollen, lots of pain, and bright red.
The Doc asked if I was Diabetic, "No, I answered". He came back and told me my blood sugar was 30

I am on a I.V. for an infected toe.
2 meds for Diabetes and an appt with the Diabetic clinic.

I can't exercise until my foot heals then I have no problem
Problem is I don't know what to eat?
Do I count carbs, GI index, what?


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