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COLSON Posts: 25
2/7/06 8:22 P

emoticon TEXANNA
I hear you on that message for sure. I have spent the last year learning and trying to adopt the Atkins lifestyle which resulted in a 25 lb loss but I have yet to feel good about those food choices and stick with it.
I have also been successful at Weight Watcher ONCE about 3 years ago, tried it 3 times after with no success. I have no clue what happened.
I hope this message gets to you as I am new as well. Good Luck and I look forward to seeing and sharing many successes with all of you


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CHRISTINEDC Posts: 3,970
2/5/06 7:03 P

There you go, Texanna!

Everybody on this site loves to help out, so don't be afraid to ask questions. It's a terrific program. I joined last spring and have lost the weight I wanted to lose. Now I'm working on maintaining a healthy weight, and SP is helping there too.

Good luck with your goals.

SOKLEVER Posts: 12
2/4/06 10:53 P


Thumbs up for just being on the site. Every change begins with a single step. You can do this. If you ever need so motivation just let us know.

LINDA34 Posts: 676
2/4/06 5:06 P

Hi! I started this web site at the first of the year. I love it. I had signed up with the Biggest Looser Club. Someone on that chat board told me about Sparks. I couldnt believe it was free. Where the BLC was costly for me. Im still learning things now about Sparks. I would recommended this site to everyone.

TEXANNA Posts: 4
2/4/06 3:40 P

Hi! hope I am using this correctly, not sure where to go to post. I am not a computer guru. Someone out there can give me a hand, will be glad to get advice. I personally have tried weight watchers and atkins, a lifestyle change is what will make the difference I believe. I am not doing well at all, but I will not give up. Life is tough for me right now, but I want to succeed. Any kind of thumbs up would be great.

TEACHERH Posts: 1,710
2/4/06 7:52 A

Hi, I'm new too. Have been using paid Weight Watchers site but I like this better. I like all the detail about the food I eat and I like getting points for doing things!

Stick with it, one day at a time is all you can do anything about anyway. emoticon

YOOPERSISTER SparkPoints: (13,565)
Fitness Minutes: (16,798)
Posts: 940
2/4/06 1:28 A

i agree. I went to the blc and signed up for the 10 days free, and they charge your card right off the bat, you have to call them to cancel. So decided to try since i paid my 19.95 already. While on their message board, someone mentioned this one.

Wow, this is so much better and FREE. I have been her for four days now and feel like a pro already.

I have been filling out my food plan, (i use my own menu's) reading as much as i can, and starting to exercise.

I tried to do to much exercise the first couple of days and man was i sore. I had to skip a day of treadmill, and tonite i only did 5 minutes. but that is better than no minutes. barely.

Drinking the water is easy for me, as i was already drinking lots to begin with.

My advice, is to jump in, take little steps, and never give up. Start each day new. That way you never fail

also, throw out the word diet from your vocabulary.

we are making lifestyle changes, and getting healthy.
whew, i think i am done.


2/3/06 10:15 P


I LOVE that pic! Thanks for the laugh!

I guess this could be overwhelming but I am just taking it one step at a time. Even these boards. I have been exploring and reading but at a pace that I am comfortable with. I can't do it all at once but eventually I will be able to navigate like a pro. I am still learning and it will take time but I really think once I get it down, I will be able to get a handle on what I am doing and the best way to get to my goals. Right now I am just trying to eat better and stay within my calorie range. The rest will come over time.


ROSE_C SparkPoints: (0)
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Posts: 374
2/3/06 12:58 P

I was overwhelmed when I first started too. But I just jumped in and learned as I went along. I have counted points, fat grams, carbs, you name it I tried it. Some worked temporarily and some didn't work at all. I know it is a little cliche, But instead of going on a diet I changed my lifestyle. I don't eat diet food I eat healthy food so that when I get to my goal. This site has been the driving force that helped me to make the changes.

Good Luck,
Happy Friday!

2/3/06 12:22 P

U arent the only one. I too stumbled upon this site. Overwhelmed doesnt even cover it for me. I have tried all kinds of things and for the first time I can get the same type thing off here for free rather than paying for this stuff at a diet center.

COLSON Posts: 25
2/3/06 11:55 A

I just happened to stumbled upon this web site this morning which seems very organized than most sites out there. After signing up I am now feeling a little everwhelmed with all the tools and how to work the site to get to the goals that I want to attain.
I have 41 lbs to lose. I have tried many differnt diets which all worked for the first month and then fell off the wagon. Hopefully this works.
Some feed back from those who have been on the fast track stage and successes you have had would be encouraging.

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