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1/4/13 9:07 A

I'm also new here and am tring to find my way around the site. Also way over 50 so it could just be we're a bit slow with this techie stuff. Let's figure it all out together. Happy New Year and new body! And in my case, a new hip, which I got just before the holidays.

LUANN_IN_PA Posts: 26,800
1/4/13 8:45 A

Hello, and welcome!

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1/3/13 11:55 P

Hi! I'm new to this program and am not clear on how to use the message boards. Am I writing in the correct place? Maybe at my age - well over 50 - all this technology is beyond me. Ah well! I'm here and this program seems like it might work. Hope some of us can connect along the line and be supportive of each other on the journey. emoticon

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