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1/15/13 6:21 P

Beans have equal protein and carbs. Eggs also have a lot of protein. Or just eat more meat :)

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1/15/13 5:49 P

@ Pink: I forgot about the little cans of tuna fish. I could add that. I also eat eggs as a snack sometimes.

PINK_NEVAEH22 Posts: 2,276
1/15/13 5:42 P

I am always high in my protein range. I use greek yogurt mixed with dry ranch seasoning for my salads, I also eat it as a snack. I keep hard boiled eggs on hand, as well as cooked 4oz portioned out bags of chicken breast, string cheese, cottage cheese, raw nuts, chunk light tuna, and beans!

BERTA6978 SparkPoints: (43,739)
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1/15/13 5:27 P

I am barely squeaking by with the minimum requirement. Some days, I'm a gram or two short. I fill in my protein with an oz of nuts, greek yogurt, Skinny Cow cheese and peanut butter. Last night I still had more protein to eat, so I had an oz of almonds and 2 tbls of peanut butter. I was still 2 grams short. I was going to havae a glass of milk, but that would have put me over my calorie limit.

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1/15/13 4:16 P

Vegan and I refuse to rely on nuts to get my protein. The amount I'd have to eat to make it count is way to high in calories. I use tofu, hummus, beans, and my favorite veggie meat Gardein "chicken". Not to many calories and one package gets me my daily requirement. I get it from Target but whole food type stores should carry it. Also nutritional yeast is a good source. 1tbs has about 8gms. I sprinkle it on salads for a sort of nutty cheese like taste.

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1/15/13 2:30 P

I am unsure if protein powder goes against any of the vegetarian principles or not? I am currently doing Body By Vi, which is a very tasty protein powder that has 12g of protein in just one serving. You can mix it with water, milk, or juice, and it tastes delicious any way that you make it. It is considered a meal replacement, though... currently I take 2 shakes a day, but it is possible to do only one. If you're interested you should check out the website... I lost 35 lbs the first time I did the program.

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1/15/13 2:20 P

tofu, ricotta cheese, yogurt (read the labels to find high protein and low sugar if you don't like greek yogurt), beans, lentils, kale, protein powder

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1/15/13 12:51 P

Cottage cheese has a lot of protein and is low in fat.

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1/15/13 12:43 P

Vegan burgers tend to be high in protein, but low in calories.

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1/15/13 12:39 P

Greek yogurt has tons of protein in it & the non-fat variety has 120-140 calories per cup. This is the only way I can get in enough protein because I'm not that big a carnivore. I have it for breakfast w/ a cup of Kashi Go-Lean cereal & it gives me about half my protein needed for the day. It also helps keep my full the rest of the day.

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1/15/13 11:28 A

Here's an article you might find helpful:

Coach Jen

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1/15/13 11:27 A

I have issues with this too! I don't eat a lot of meat or beans, and really loathe using up precious calories eating a lot of nuts (I do love nuts, don't get me wrong, but my calories are precious!). Like today, I included yogurt, granola, a poached egg, cheese, peanut butter AND 2oz hamburger patty on top of some bread and a ton of veg and fruit and still am not hitting my protein, but am at my calorie max. ugh.

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1/15/13 11:24 A

I'm a vegetarian, although I eat fish once a month or so. My protein sources on a weekly basis:

100% whole wheat bread
Natural peanut butter
Egg whites and eggs
Old-fashioned oats
Legumes (In the form of vegan chili or homemade black bean burgers)
Tempeh (I put it in my vegan chili)
Greek Yogurt (fat free or 2%)
Salmon, tilapia or shrimp
Whole wheat pasta
Brown rice

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1/15/13 11:14 A

Protein as a general rule tend to be a bit higher in calories, but that's not a bad thing. It does mean you have to adjust things so you d on't go over, but a handful of peanuts can go a long way to meeting your protein goals.

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1/15/13 11:12 A

How about Greek yogurt. Get the plain kind and sweeten it with Stevia. The stuff with fruit in it has too much sugar. Or enjoy a whey protein shake.

1/15/13 10:46 A

I never ever meet my protein goal. I am not a huge meat eater and the alternatives seem to be very high in calories. (peanut butter, nuts) Any tips on lower calories foods that are high in protein?

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