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It doesn't have to be difficult, time consuming or expensive to make the changes that will take you in the direction you've described you're looking for. The Zone did it for me and it has changed my life. It began with losing 100 pounds almost 20 years ago, and I'm still thriving with Zone. I don't know if it's still active, but there's even a Zone team here on Spark. Good luck!

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6/17/13 5:56 P

Tipyrain, if you're prepared to make your Food Tracker public, we can take a look and see if there are any suggestions we can make to help you hit your targets.

It's been a while since I've used for the forum and I've actually forgotten how to look at someone else's food tracker and for the life of me I can't work out if mine is public or not!

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I'm not sure what you're currently eating, but I would avoid packaged foods. They tend to be more carb based than protein based.

One of the hardest things for me was just not buying bread and buns anymore. We do now and again, but it took a long time to stop craving them and eating them just because they are there.

I eat a lot of fresh fruits and veggies now. they're actually not that expensive when you compare per serving - especially things like bananas, lettuce, potatoes, cucumbers and apples.

As for protein, I'm a huge fan of cottage cheese, yogurt, cheddar cheese, and meat/poultry/fish. I don't really care for eggs, but my husband loves them so we eat them a couple of times a week.

Eliminating the packed/processed foods as well as restaurant/fast food meals has made it harder for me to meet my calorie and carb goals some days, but now it's because I'm frequently lower than I should be, rather than higher.

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Thanks both of you!

I get enough. most often too much carb. but way too little protein. I am on a REALLY tight budget and need ides for low calorie, high protein, low cost foods. I know the bars and shakes are supposed to help a lot. But, I like real food. Stuff that is common and easy to find.

My computer runs REALLY SLOW. I just uploaded food and it tool me 1.5 hours to do it! THAT IS WAY too LONG! I could have done my walking workout & my strength exercises in that amount of time. I have a lot of trouble getting my calories to balance!!! I have bee here for almost 4 years and rarely do I get them right! I DO put a lot of thought and time into all this and am getting so frustrated. I just want to eat & be healthy & weigh what I want to weigh! I KNOW that's unrealistic but so many people do it! Thanks again!:))

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For a lot of people, that shaky and cranky thing is essentially a sign that you are too reliant on carbohydrates as a fuel source. You are describing the 'normal' hypoglycemia that you get when you eat a big carb meal and your insulin spikes up and then all the carbs get converted to sugar and get stored away and then you are stuck with high insulin but not enough sugar for it to work on. This is related to that sleepy feeling people get after lunch. Guess possible solution to this is to spread your carbs out more evenly....also eat at the lower end of your carb ranges and high end of your protein and fat ranges....this will help train your body to rely a little more on fat and protein to get you through the times between meals. Just a thought.

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Ideally, you never feel hunger pangs and/or get weak or shaky from lack of food. Once I get to that point, I'm so hungry that I'll eat WAY more just to feel satisfied. I'll eat faster and I'll make poorer choices.

I used to feel that way every day when I got home from work. Then I would snack until supper was ready and eat a full meal.

To avoid this, I have a balanced snack - protein and carbs - later in the afternoon than I used to. Snacks are pretty essential to me losing weight and I plan them as best I can. Even if you're not diabetic or hypoglycemic, your blood sugars will fluctuate slightly through the day and your appetite will be influenced by those fluctuations.

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I feel hunger pangs but not frequently enough. If I listened to my hunger cues & only ate until feeling "satisfied," I would chronically undereat! So I have to schedule my meals and often also have to schedule *how much* to eat to make sure I am eating enough calories.

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6/17/13 3:37 A

Thank You all for the ideas on how to better manage my food etc.!:))

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Actually, gaining 5-7 pounds in a single day is normal... almost everyone does! Your weight is not actually a static number. You will gain weight daily based on the foods you eat, the stress you're having, your hormones, how much sleep you've gotten, how much sodium you've had... it's more like a vital sign!

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Eating smaller meals and more often keeps you from "starving" and wanting to eat much more!

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You would only know that you can lose/gain 5-7 pounds overnight if you weigh yourself every day. That's not advisable. We can all have fluctuations due to hormonal changes, water retention etc. Weigh yourself at most once a week, on the same day each week and preferably in the morning after urinating but before eating or drinking.

As far as the rest goes, I agree with the others who have suggested you eat to a schedule. If you really don't get the rumbly tummy feeling or any other sign that you are hungry until you've reached the shaky/cranky stage, then you need to make sure you don't reach the shaky/cranky stage! Work your day's food out in advance to make sure you're reaching all the targets for cals, carbs, fat and protein and then divide your food up so that you're having something say, every two hours.

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HMMM! I didn't get my thought, question across at all here. What I hear from most of you is you don't feel your tummy rumble from time to time?! EVEN I FEEL IT OCCASIONALLY! Even if I didn't, the shaky - crankies don't come very often either. If I relied on only my body "clock" as to WHEN to eat, I would hardly ever eat. But, Like I said in my 1st post, I LIKE to eat! I will eat till I hurt and still not be satisfied!

As far as the weight chart reference goes that is from Jan 2011 to May 28th 2013. I can gain 5-7 pounds over night!!!! SERIOUSLY! I can also lose 4-5 another night. I know it's crazy but I've lived in my body for 43 years and I have always been that way!

Thanks for taking the time to try to help. I do appreciate it!:))

6/15/13 10:31 A

Okay...I'm going to take a stab at understanding what you mean...

You only know you need food when you feel hungry pangs or get shaky/grouchy. The hunger pangs don't happen very often, and if you DO feel them you don't eat, because you LIKE how they feel.

After looking at your goals/weight chart...

"Jan 1st 2011 = 133
July 31st = 122.8
Aug. 1st = 122.4
Sept. 2nd = 121.6
Oct.1st = 126.8
Nov.17th = 125
Dec.23 = 133
Jan 1st 2012 = 131
February 1 = 127.6
March 1 = 132.4
My 28th 2013=139.6
APRIL 26th 2010,GOAL= 125-122 got to 126."

...I'm wondering if you have a hard time listening to your body. That's a lot of up and down the scale in a relatively short amount of time. I'm not sure how you can have such a wild fluctuation.

Here's the thing, our bodies communicate with us constantly. They send us messages. That's how we survive. There are a couple of things can mess up that communication. First,we can get so busy and caught up in our daily routine or life-drama that we can't hear those messages. They get lost in the chaos. When that happens, it's important to slow down and focus on our bodies. Without that communication, you can cause yourself troubles not noticing an illness until it's gotten out of hand.

Second, we can lose that communication when we see our bodies as separate from ourselves. We think we live up in our heads and the rest of our body is the enemy. We think we need to fight our body...especially if we are trying to lose weight. There is a fundamental flaw in this sort of thinking...

We ARE our bodies. We are not separate. We need our bodies to be alive. Our brains are part of our bodies. Trying to fight your body is like trying to hold your breath as long as you can...eventually you're going to have to breathe or you'll pass out (and then start breathing again).

Slow down. Learn to hear the messages your body is sending. It is trying to help you. Don't think of your body as the enemy. It's NOT the enemy.

Also, be sure to eat according to the recommendations of Spark People. Make sure you are eating enough for the amount of exercise you are doing. And DON'T starve yourself just to feel the hunger pangs.

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I'm not sure what you are posting either....maybe this will help

If you wait more than 3 hours to eat your blood glucose drops, and so do your energy levels and other symptoms that can develop are..... a bad mood...shakiness...headache, etc.

So the drop in blood sugar, or glucose can make a person cranky. ...snacking on the right foods will keep blood sugar balanced...timed snacks will give your body steady supply of fuel that should ward off any symptoms.....have a small carb like a bread stick and a protein.

Consult your medical professional for guidance because you could be experiencing low blood sugar...hypoglycemia or even insulin resistance.

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6/15/13 7:09 A

I agree with Kris.

I don't remember feeling hunger pangs, but I do get shaky and cranky when I don't eat sufficiently often (leave too long between meals/snacks).

Everyone is different.
How your body reacts to things is what you have to learn, and you seem to have done so - but you're complaining about it?

Like another, I'm not quite sure what you want as an answer, but I do agree with the scheduled consumption; it may be just what you need.

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Hi - I was wondering how your exercising is going. You used to do a fair bit! Is it possible that you aren't eating enoughin a day, or having too big a gap between food, or that your protein level is fairly low, or that you are consuming sugary foods? This could explain the shakes and cranky - your blood sugars might be taking quite a dip, too.

I have had exactly the same thing re shakes and cranky happen to me - not because I didn't eat enough calories in a day, but because I had gone too long without food.

A lot of people don't feel hunger pangs, unfortunately, and some others feel them too readily. It would be good if we could all be 'shaken up' and mixed together so that we feel the same - LOL!

I hope that you find the problem!

Kris xx

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6/15/13 12:36 A

I'm really not sure that I understand the question.

I could be way off, but this is what I *think* you mean: you don't feel hungry until it's too late and you've already gotten shaky and cranky, so you wish that you had something to indicate hunger before you got to that point, like hunger pangs, but you don't. Correct?

If that's what you mean, try eating on a schedule. Over time your body will become accustomed to it and will start demanding food at particular times. Small meals work well for that, but they don't have to be small: three larger meals can still be done on a schedule just as well as 5-6 smaller ones.

As for "certain herbs and spices"...sorry, I don't follow you. Certain herbs and spices for *what*?

TIPYRAIN Posts: 7,416
6/15/13 12:12 A

Ok. I'm going to TRY to get my thought across in as little space as possible. It's quite complicated & I've never gotten any help with my dilemma.

I am like a child minus the Pangs in my stomach. I start to shake and get cranky. That's when I know my BODY NEEDS fuel. If I relied on the "pain" I would only eat cuz I like to. That's really the only reason I EVER eat anyway! HAHA! IF on the off chance I do feel the pangs, I wont eat cuz I like the feeling because it is such an uncommon occurrence. I KNOW ALL the tricks like, small meals, certain herbs & spices, etc., ets. THEY DO NOT WORK FOR ME! I exercise too. I'm not looking for a miracle drug or anything.


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