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NETNRD Posts: 105
4/30/09 11:57 A


Next, remember that "LIFE HAPPENS".

You did the best thing by remembering that you have a new healthier lifestyle and got right back at it. It is ok to indulge now and again. You just have to get right back on program the next day.

Thank you for you story. It was a nice read.


COLE771 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/30/09 11:57 A

Oh yeah - we've all been there! It's awesome that you got up and got moving - put the mistake behind you and keep running toward your goal. Thanks for your story!

BMOREFLYY SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (6,248)
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4/30/09 11:17 A

Yay! for getting up moving!

WOODSYGIRL SparkPoints: (66,437)
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4/30/09 11:09 A

What a great "aha" moment that was for you!! Your body is changing and knows now what it can handle and it was telling you the Chinese food was too much. And the fact you woke up and went for a fabulous walk just shows that you are putting YOU first and not letting the food control you. Good for you!!! That is just fantastic! emoticon

TSW012 Posts: 25
4/30/09 11:08 A

I have done this myself several times. Amazing how that special treat makes you feel sick. After eating healthy for a while your body really rebels at the stuff that's not good for you! Keep up the good work and the walking will be a wonderful thing to keep up. It has really helped me lose!

STILLME2018 Posts: 57
4/30/09 11:07 A

I LAUGHED OUT LOUD when I read your tale! It is an awesome REAL LIFE situation and the determination that you showed was amazing and inspiring. Great going!

DEEKAI55 Posts: 2
4/30/09 11:04 A

Finally, after 4 years of reading Sparkpeople's experiences and challenges I have the courage to reply to my first contact. Your experience with the Chinese take out was as if it was happening in my own home. Thanks for sharing and I look forward to reading more of your motivational experiences. I am stuck at 193 lbs and I am tired of being overweight. I am prepared to do whatever it takes to loose the fat that disgusts me. DeeKai

4/30/09 11:00 A

I have done the same thing many times. I am not happy I do it but at least we keep at it.

4/30/09 10:58 A

Yes, it's these "treat yourself moments" that I need to avoid, especially the weekends. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a treat now and then, but the overdoing it is what has been my down fall. Thanks for this topic. It helps motivate me.

HELENAP1 Posts: 1
4/30/09 10:49 A

Good for you by going for the walk. We are all human's that love some things that are not so good for us and you have shown us how to turn that around.

Keep up the good work

19CENT67 Posts: 19
4/30/09 10:22 A

We all have moments when we indulge. Try to think more of portion control than denying yourself completely. Sometimes that will set you up for a larger set back. Good job that you got back on the wagon by lacing up the sneakers and combating a negative with a positive and sharing your experience. emoticon

4/30/09 10:15 A

Good for you! You've accomplished what I still seem to struggle with......getting back on track....I've had a week of eating like I used to and I feel like crap! Any advice?

16HIPPOS Posts: 1
4/30/09 10:11 A

Let's see if it works this time.

4/30/09 10:05 A

Congratulations for following up with a great healthy move the very next morning. A step back does NOT mean falling back into old patterns - enjoy your new steps forward, and don't look BACK!! emoticon

MARGARITTM Posts: 6,083
4/30/09 10:01 A

HEY HEY HEY Take it easy on yourself! You are doing fantastic! And good for you for getting right back on track. What a great role model you are.

BGILLEN3 Posts: 5
4/30/09 10:01 A

My family is huge on take out so this can be my motivation (not wanting to feel awful and yucky)to try and stay away from it. If ew do indulge I will have to look for something "healthy" on the menu.

BUFFYBOO1 Posts: 3
4/30/09 10:01 A

i am the same i go out and get good things to eat but always seem to get the bad stuff to. thinking i won;t eat it. if its there i will eat it so i need not to bring it into the house.... good for you i need to be that smart

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LJKSHS Posts: 4,008
4/30/09 10:00 A

I think eating a little of the food was o.k.;but if you are like me you probably ate too much.. and I too get that bloated feeling, you did the right thing going for a walk.. Oh, if dieting was easier!!!I guess we learn from our mistakes.

QUEENMAMA1 Posts: 13
4/30/09 9:57 A

We have all done that before and learn from our mistakes. At least you remember the feeling and its not a good one. you got back on the horse and did something about it in the morning GOOD FOR YOU!!! Don't think you won't ever make that mistake again we are all human but at least you know we are all there for you and you know what to do after. Don't beat yourself up. Just get back on the right track. You can do it.

NOV112491 Posts: 64
4/30/09 9:49 A

Boy do I know what you mean! I haven't done exactly what you did but I have went out and got what I thought was healthy only to come home and put it in my nutrition planner and saw how healthy it wasn't. I mean a salad is healthy right?
WRONG! At least not all salads. But you have a wonderful attitude and I think you will have great success.

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CSTAYLOR1382 Posts: 6
4/30/09 9:43 A

your story was touching; your recovery inspiring!

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JENNANN1978 Posts: 28
4/30/09 9:42 A

You GO GIRL!!! I wish I had that kind of motivation...Husbands always do that kind of thing!!! I am very proud of you. YOU ROCK!

GREEKGAL1 Posts: 3,535
4/30/09 9:35 A

You did just the right thing. Don't let one night ruin your good works. Putting on those running shoes was the best way to go.

KRISTEN4444 Posts: 278
4/30/09 9:35 A

fantastic! I'm currently struggling with find the motivation to get those running shoes on and get out the door. Great job!

PINKOWL SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (43,503)
Posts: 4,880
4/30/09 9:27 A

emoticon YOU GO GIRL!

LLEEINIA Posts: 2,098
4/30/09 9:24 A

Good for you!!!

4/30/09 9:24 A

Wow! Your experience was the motivation I needed this morning. On with the running shoes and out the door I go....but before I do, I just wanted to say that we all fall off target from time to time. It's getting back on to ride that healthy eating train that counts most. Keep those inspiring messages coming, please. I'm new here and need all the motivation I can get. Now I'm ready to hit the road...Can I motivate anyone to join me? Come on along!!!!!

HEYLIZ Posts: 356
4/30/09 9:00 A

Congratulations on learning from this experience! I find that portion control is key no matter what kind of food you are eating. Eating only until I am full, or having a small taste of "bad" foods allows me to not feel deprived and to feel better in general after eating those foods. (Not all bloated and lazy.)

I am AMAZED by your walking pace! I think I jog slower than you walk, haha. emoticon

4/30/09 8:45 A

Please do not beat up on yourself. I have learned that nobody understands what you are going through except the person that is going through it with you. It is difficult. I am there. I have temptation at home and at work. I need to be strong. I am sending you my support. Hang strong Sis. I am going to start running tomorrow. I have new kicks, I have motivation and I am going to do it. Don't feel bad about the Chinese food. You learned a lesson now you can move on. I don't know you, but you are my Sister in this weight loss eat healthy life. I am right there with you to give you support. Take Care, TT

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CHELLE3171 Posts: 173
4/30/09 8:27 A

Nobody's perfect. Striving toward perfectionism will do more harm than good for you. You had a great streak of 'no takeout.' Wow, since January? That's awesome! The little let down just showed you how much healthier you've been eating and how far you've come. Celebrate that and don't be hard on yourself.

STRICK38 Posts: 69
4/30/09 8:17 A

I have been there, you are so right it isn't worth it but you did the right thing and walked it off. We are all going to have our ups and downs because we are human we just can't let the downs last too long! I am here for you!

LITTLE3LAM SparkPoints: (0)
Fitness Minutes: (51,866)
Posts: 3,233
4/30/09 8:14 A

Sounds like you made a great choice this AM! Don't get discouraged just keep going! emoticon

10285115CS Posts: 3,120
4/30/09 8:07 A

we all have that weak moment. cheating once is not the end of the world. repeating that process over and over is when it becomes a problem.

JEANNIEMAG Posts: 1,648
4/30/09 7:52 A


I know you say never again...but it may happen. Just take it one day at a time. You're headed in the right direction and you need to celebrate your successes and not dwell on the mistakes. Good luck!

BELLACUDDLES Posts: 33,830
4/30/09 6:59 A

YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!! emoticon

DANNIDI1 Posts: 36
4/30/09 6:05 A

I think that's wonderful! Not, of course, that you didn't feel well the next morning, of course ;-) but that the lesson you're taking from it is the one that's *so* hard to really learn: a little bit is good, too much isn't. Congrats!

BH7272 SparkPoints: (17,363)
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Posts: 2,175
4/10/09 11:04 A


One of the most revealing things in your post (for me) was how sick you felt the next morning. That is a real sign that your healthy eating is paying off. Think back to before you started this journey. Eating Chinese food would probably not have made you feel sick. That means you have conditioned your body to run on healthy foods and to tell you when you've gone astray.

Congratulations! For that, and for your fast walk (I could never do 3 miles in 35 minutes and I hike all the time), and for your progress to date.

You rock! Next time tell the hubster, thanks but no thanks!

NYTQUILL SparkPoints: (9,254)
Fitness Minutes: (7,170)
Posts: 169
4/10/09 10:49 A

I think every once in a while a big "blowout" like this is actually helpful. Not for weight loss obviously but for perspective! To realize that, hey, I used to eat like this all the time, and feel like this all the time. Now look at how much better I feel physically and mentally because of what I'm doing for myself...yeah! Right on!

It's a kind of positive reinforcement, by reminding you of all the negatives of the lifestyle you've left behind!

ZORBS13 SparkPoints: (199,640)
Fitness Minutes: (195,052)
Posts: 15,862
4/10/09 6:57 A

I don't always feel great after a cheat night either, but it's a consequence I'm willing to deal with as opposed to total deprivation.

JULMIN Posts: 14
4/10/09 6:31 A

Thanks everyone for your support.

I definately won't be easily encouraged by hubby again!

TACDGB Posts: 6,136
4/9/09 5:05 P

I would think that listening to your hubby wasn't a good idea either. It's your body and your life don't let him talk you into doing that again. You have to live with the outcome he doesn't. But the walk was a good idea. Good for you.

4/9/09 4:22 P

Great job on the 3 miles!!! We all find out what works and what doesn't for us...apparently you found out that Chinese take-out doesn't work for you anymore!!! Keep on stepping!!!


4/9/09 4:14 P

dont worry about it, youve had some great results so far! ive been there and done that! as long as you keep losing keep a smile on your face! way to go keep up the good work!

SUPERSNAZZ Posts: 1,139
4/9/09 2:17 P

Don't beat yourself up over 1 slip up; this is permitted!

You did the best thing possible: not dwell on it and get active. Kudos!

BLUEANGELLK Posts: 3,909
4/9/09 1:35 P

Don't worry about it. I really feel strongly that a part of losing weight is to re-learn how to eat out favorite foods without going crazy. Trust me, I have a lot to re-learn and it is going to take me awhile. Don't get down on yourself, just adjust your mindset. Life isn't black and white and neither is food, Except OREOS HaHa.

MSU_GAL Posts: 885
4/9/09 10:34 A

Good for you girl!

Drink lots of water too- chinese food is usually very high in sodium.

PINKGIRL175 Posts: 358
4/9/09 8:43 A

i agree :)

4/9/09 8:39 A

Well we all need a cheat sometimes, the trick it now to learn moderations. Go over the menu and plan healthy options for yourself and maybe 1 indulgence. that way you wont feel deprived but wont feel guilty after.

MUSIC2HISEARS SparkPoints: (85,728)
Fitness Minutes: (37,715)
Posts: 7,969
4/9/09 8:34 A

Yeah on getting out and getting yourself going again! That's the best way to beat a temporary setback. I know that after just caving in at a chinese restaurant on Sunday (I've been so afraid to enter what I did eat, which explains why Sunday is not complete on my nutrition tracker). I felt so sick afterward. I'm not doing that again.

JULMIN Posts: 14
4/9/09 8:20 A

Hi all, just wanted to share this experience with you.

Back in January one of my resolutions was to cook & eat healthy as a family. I've not fried a single thing and have tried my best to avoid all processed food. As a family we have agreed to never go back to old habits!
I joined Sparks 3 weeks ago to try and loose the weight that had crept on over the last 4 years.
3 weeks in and i'm over the moon with the results it is making to my life in general.
And then it happened!!!!!!
Last night my darling husband came home with a Chinese take out!! The first 'take out' of the new year!
'Oh treat yourself' he says, and stupid me dived straight in head first and ate.....alot!
20 minutes later and my stomach is bigger than a hot air balloon. I feel like i've been drowned in a barrel of fat! YUK!
This morning I woke up and the feeling was still there, so what do i do? Something i've not done for 10 years. I put my running shoes on, my MP3 on and grabbed a bottle of water and off I went! No I DIDN'T RUN....But i walked at a fantastic pace! I covered 3 miles in 35 minutes! I know alot of you devoted exercisers think thats nothing, but I'm really proud of myself today and know that its motivation from Sparks that got me in the right frame of mind this morning!
My stomach is still swimming but the guilt is starting to pass now and if nothing else i've learnt one thing from this episode....A LITTLE OF SOMETHING DOES YOU GOOD, TOO MUCH AND YOU'LL PAY FOR IT LATER!!

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