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UKJENN231 Posts: 45
1/13/14 4:24 A

Protein bars. I take protein bars in my bag at work, and even when I'm crazy busy (as a nurse on a med surg floor) I can grab the bar and shove it in my mouth while I am between patient's rooms. I used to also bring protein drinks and pour it in a covered cup to push around on my computer on wheels or to sip on while I'm sitting at the desk charting, but those hurt my stomach. I also agree with nuts, peanut butter crackers, etc. I don't like even bringing things that have to be refrigerated because it's too hard to make it to the break room. Take 5 minutes to eat a snack - your patients will be ok for 5 minutes :)

SLIMMERKIWI SparkPoints: (256,662)
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1/12/14 10:36 P

Rather than taking WHOLE fruit, why not cut up apples, pears into bite-sized pieces. Put in some grapes, and a little banana, or cut a normal-sized banana into 3rds but leave the skin intact. Add a small bag of nuts, and make sandwiches, but instead of the normal size cut them up into small ones. That way you can literally 'grab a bite' on/off during the day and not miss out on food entirely.


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MARGOLIS Posts: 86
1/12/14 8:14 P

I'm a nurse working in a hospital as well and I know all too well how your day goes. I started taking Atkins shakes to work. They have caps so if I don't get to drink it all at once, I can cap it and finish it up later. I also bring cut up veggies in snack size bags that I can hide in my scrubs pockets. That way I can grab a quick snack while I'm doing my charting. If its really nutty, I heat up my dinner and sit at my W.O.W. and eat while I finish up my notes. Its hard, I so know it, but we do have to make time for ourselves.

JODIHAFE Posts: 38
1/12/14 4:48 P

I can relate. I travel a LOT for work and often don't have time or access to a car to buy healthy things or even a microwave to prepare.

So, here's what I found works for me:

I do the best I can to eat fresh/healthy...but I ALWAYS now have at least 2 Atkins prepared shakes with me (breakfast and lunch if I need to). They require no refrigeration, twist the cap and drink. I can chug them down in literally 1 min if I need to. I feel that they really help me stay on track.

Other things I do is keep a package of oatmeal that I can make with hot water....but it sounds like even if you have your salad prepared, you don't have time to eat. Try the shakes. They were a life saver for me....even tho I try to stay away from "Frakenfoods"....these work really well for me.

-HEALTHYAMY Posts: 3,077
1/12/14 8:19 A

I'm a nurse too and have experienced exactly what you have mentioned. I always pack my lunch the night before. I usually bring soup or some left over from the night before. Sandwiches are the easiest to eat. You can do any number of different sandwiches depending on what you like. I have done pb with fresh blackberries on naan and roll it up, turkey, ham, roast beef wraps, veggies on a yummy roll. The most difficult thing to eat for me is a salad as it takes too much time. I know it is cliché but you truly need to take 5 minutes for yourself(which is not what you deserve) to nourish your body and spirit.

1/12/14 8:09 A

It sounds like healthy pre-portioned convenience foods are the only way to go. Fruit is great, but also get string cheese, yogurt cups, little packages of carrots, V8, little bottles of milk, whatever it takes to get a halfway balanced meal on your shift. Maybe if you take a combination of those items that equals a somewhat balanced meal and eat them throughout your shift, even if you can't sit down and eat them all together -- it's better than nothing.

My sympathies to you. I work in a hospital too and I work hard, but I really feel sorry for myself on the few days I have to work through my lunch. If I don't eat my lunch I start looking at reams of paper like they're made of bread...

MLAN613 Posts: 19,234
1/12/14 8:02 A

Kefir is a dairy drink. And portable. Gives you a little calcium and protein

STDWYNWEN SparkPoints: (11,748)
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1/12/14 7:22 A


some portable snacks you could try.
baby carrots
low sodium beef/turkey jerky
whole wheat crackers
trail mix
unsweetened dry fruit
healthy homemade muffins

MICHELLEXXXX SparkPoints: (12,338)
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1/11/14 11:10 P

I feel you. I recommend green smoothies, mini baggies of nuts, string cheese, and bite-size pieces of turkey jerky.

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BENNIE Posts: 130
1/11/14 10:45 P

I find my biggest challenge to eating timely meals is at work. I'm a nurse and frequently work as Charge. (This means everyone one including staff is your responsibility). I frequently make salads and eat them days later. I try to eat a good breakfast, but already getting up at 5am home at 4-430pm, it's not easy. I took homemade veggie soup on Tuesday and finally ate it (cold) on Friday. This has been going on for years, and all of us try to help each other get their breaks, but it seems like patient's needs always come before your own.
I guess I'm looking for good, low-sugar/carb/sodium snacks that I can eat without looking for a fork, spoon & napkin. I keep apples in my bag and end up eating those on my way home-which helps, but once I hit the door, I'm grabbing a piece of cheese and lunch meat or a few chips. I talk to other charge nurses and we all have the same challenge. Making sure everyone else gets their breaks. There are many days (thanks for flu season), I'm off my feet ONLY if I get a bathroom break....I wish I was exaggerating.

If you have this same issue, share your suggestions. Other than what my boss tells me "you have to make time!!"

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