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SULFABABY Posts: 473
3/27/11 12:03 A

You can go on your computer to , sign in and search "fitness" or "exercise". Add to your instant queue and they should be there on your TV when you check. Or, you could use something like to find what you want, then use your TV to search for the titles. :)

JANINE243 Posts: 52
3/26/11 11:18 P

Almost the entire series of Crunch fitness videos are on Netflix streaming... anything from 10-minute yoga, to kickboxing, to cardio bootcamp.... they're pretty good, too! The Pick Your Spot Pilates kicks my butt.

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3/26/11 10:03 P

Thats the way i've always done it, but I'm not impressed with the streaming videos they have... i just get the dvds in the mail. (Im doing Jillian Michaels and they dont have ANY of hers on instant play)

BECCABABY99 Posts: 63
3/26/11 4:33 P

I have seen a lot of reference to workout videos on netflix streaming. I subscribe to netflix and when I do a search for workout, fitness , etc I find only workout videos via dvd. Can someone tell me how to find the streaming workout videos? There doesn't seem to be a catagory for workout videos, at least not from my tv. Do I have to search via computer and save to my instant que?

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