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4/22/11 10:07 P

Thanks for all the comments, everyone!

TEABEA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/22/11 6:10 P

There are lots more instant play workouts than 14 - just no real easy way to find them.

Instant workouts I've found by "brand"
13 Crunch
7 10 Minute Solutions
4 Trainer's Edge
3 Dance Off the Inches
3 Self
2 Healing Yoga ... there are several others

I had trouble finding "new releases" for rent (not instant titles). I searched by year (2010 & then 2011)- Biggest Loser Powerwalk did not show up. You can rent it - but I had to search by title to find it. Odd.

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4/22/11 5:47 P

Hi! For some reason, Netflix doesn't have all the videos that they have on that list. It's pretty frustrating, but I know this to be true.

I use Netflix Instant for my work out videos almost exclusively. I don't what intensity level you're looking for, but I really like Crunch Super Slimdown. You can find it by searching if it doesn't appear in your list. Ellen Barrett is the instructor and I really like anything by her. You can do a search of her name and find all her videos as well. Another one I like is Crunch Ab Attack (or something like that). And there's a Crunch Sculpting one that's pretty good too. (The instructor is a man with a really good attitude, he's pretty fun.)

I would just search for titles you're heard of and want to try. I think that's the best way to find good videos.

I hope this helps!

NSMANN Posts: 981
4/22/11 5:01 P

Go to Genres: Sports and Fitness: Workouts to find a list of them all.

4/22/11 3:38 P

Netflix has workout videos? Who knew?! Thanks for the tip!

MERIANDLAUREN SparkPoints: (6,964)
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4/22/11 3:25 P

I never thought of looking on Netflix--thanks for this!

PINKBEANBOO SparkPoints: (55,164)
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4/22/11 3:25 P

I've been disappointed in what I've found on there, too. Not much selection it seems. I'm going to try the suggestion of using the search word "workouts". Haven't used that one.
The one I have found that I do like is a Crunch Pilates one. I REALLY like it.

MERIANDLAUREN SparkPoints: (6,964)
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4/22/11 3:24 P

I never thought of looking on Netflix--thanks for this!

SPARKLEYSHINE SparkPoints: (29,927)
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4/22/11 1:41 P

I really love the 10 Min Solution: Cardio Burner. It has 5 or 6 10 minute long sets so you can do all 5/6 or just 1 or 2 if short on time. It gives me a great workout!

They have other 7 or so instant play '10 minute' videos so search on that! Yoga, Plilates, cardio dance, etc.

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4/22/11 10:55 A

I hadn't thought about Netflix either! Thanks for this message board.

4/22/11 10:37 A

I too was a little let down by the lack of workout vids on Netflix but it's better than none I guess. I also use Verizon FIOS on demand, they have a few on there too. On Netflix I found a yoga video I started doing called The Trainer's Edge: Long & Lean Yoga. I've never done yoga before it and I like it a lot.

EBASSO88 SparkPoints: (0)
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4/22/11 9:31 A

Netflix is kinda crappy with their selection of instant workouts. Exercise TV is good though!

IILAAD65 Posts: 4,504
4/22/11 9:28 A

Since i am off today - I will look into these!

TAMMYRENEED SparkPoints: (21,583)
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4/22/11 7:33 A

I hadn't thought of looking on netflix LOL I will do so now. At least it will be a start and if I really like one I can always purchase a copy to keep. Now, if I can get my kid to watch the netflix movie she got last week so I can get another one! They are bad about taking their time to watch the movies.

PARISIENNE3 SparkPoints: (4,989)
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4/22/11 5:44 A

I don't think you guys are doing anything wrong. I think that Netflix just hasn't added many exercise titles to instant. If you just search workouts in the search bar, and look by genre, it should show you all the workouts listed by categories: abs, cardio, dance, low-impact, etc. They have a much better selection for DVDs, but their instant selection for work out videos seems to be lacking.

CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
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4/18/11 8:27 P

Teabea, whatever you're doing wrong is the same problem I keep having. I know there must be more titles than I'm finding when I look!

TEABEA SparkPoints: (0)
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4/18/11 5:05 P

What a pain! I went to my Netflix account .... to see if I could figure this out. I found a "list" of 14 instant workouts ..... surely there must be more. I must be doing something wrong.

I typically rent workout DVDs from Netflix, too much loading.... reloading...(throttling) I can't take it. Exercise TV is another option if you want to use your PC.

OK - enough venting. To answer your question..... Crunch: Super Slim Down with Ellen Barrett. Excellent, kind of a fusion of pilates & yoga. Also try Crunch: Boot Camp Training. Corny, but 35 minutes of circuits works the whole body. Keeps my heart rate up too.

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MOMMAPANTZ SparkPoints: (0)
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4/18/11 4:46 P

I would just go into genres and find them that way. I have done a few of them and if you don't have time for your regular workout I think this is a good alternative.

CATSDONTPRAY SparkPoints: (14,225)
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4/17/11 6:51 P

Are there any workout videos available to watch instantly on Netflix that anyone would recommend? Every time I try to go through them, I get frustrated. I can't seem to find a way to get a list of all of them to show up at once.

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