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SARAH1337 Posts: 6
7/18/14 9:17 P

Thank you everyone but especially thank you for the link nireren. I understand a lot better now what I need to be doing :)

NIRERIN Posts: 14,325
7/18/14 8:43 P

net calories is basically a useless number. it's your intake less a small portion of the calories you burn [exercise calories]. the total number of calories that you burn is your bmr + your daily activities + exercise. you want that total burn to be higher than your intake, at least if you want to lose weight.
if you are worried about eating enough, figure out your bmr and daily activities.
. that's going to be the bulk of what you're actually burning. the article then goes on to explain the two ways that you can figure exercise in. once you do that, then you subtract out your deficit and that's where you should be eating.

7/18/14 7:46 P

At Sparkpeople you can enter your personal info and you will be given a calorie range.
You will probably have a range of about 1200-1550. You can indicate the number of calories you burn through planned exercise and this will be factored into your plan.

So by entering the calories you burn through exercise, your gender, age, height and weight, and weekly weight loss goal--you will get a calorie range to meet your nutritional needs and energy needs; yet still you will be at a deficit for weight loss to occur.

7/18/14 7:24 P

You can set your tracker to account for logged fitness. I'd suggest trying that! :)

SARAH1337 Posts: 6
7/18/14 7:01 P

I just started tracking my caloric intake so I was wondering if someone could help me out with this confusion. I don't want to ruin my body to lose weight and I know that women are supposed to consume a minimum of 1200 calories to avoid starvation mode. But is this just intake, or is it net calories? For example, yesterday I ate 1440 calories and burned off 600 calories for a net of 840. But I realized today that might be unhealthy even though I didn't feel hungry when I went to bed. So today I consumed (or, I am planning to consume, because I haven't had dinner yet) 1800 calories but I burned off 580 through exercise, with a net of 1220.

Is it better for me to consume the 1800 in order to make my net be over 1200? Am I right in thinking that consuming 1440 wasn't enough because I burned off 600 through exercise? I got mixed results when I searched through google.

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