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8/16/11 3:03 P

emoticon I hope your injuries heal smoothly and quickly.

80% of weight management is nutrition. I have been sidelined with injuries so you do have my empathy. Eating at low end of calorie range when unable to workout is what I do.

When I include fiber and protein with clean eating (no meat) I find that hunger vanishes and stays in balance. I have a theory that I over ate (and got fat) because my body was always craving nutrients it was not getting. It worked for me to go vegetarian 90% of the time with sustainably caught fish (pescatarian) about once a week.

Hope this helps and get well soon! emoticon

8/16/11 2:37 P

I am struggling with motivation myself these days, but I just wanted to encourage you to keep trying and let you know that you are not alone. When I got started on this most recent weight loss journey, it was actually my doctor who motivated me. He struggles with weight problems himself so he was able to tell me to lose weight in a way that didn't offend me like some doctors have in the past. Among other things, he told me that I would get diabetes if I didn't do something and I was already taking cholesterol and high blood pressure meds. After losing 25 lbs. or so I was able to come off the blood pressure meds. I was told that I was no longer at risk for Type 2 diabetes at my last check up, and my cholesterol and triglycerides were "great." So health reasons may be a good motivator for you (or you may need a different motivation). Keep looking, and you will find it! Good luck!

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8/16/11 2:20 P

I don't know how much motivation I can give but just keep trying each and every day. I to am struggling with that myself. My main area is with exercising. I have a hard time making myself get up in the morning (at 5:50 am no less) to walk and then feel really guilty because I didn't so I just make sure that I am extra active in the afternoon or evening. Just try to do something each day and it will eventually just become second nature to at least do something. Good Luck and keep on trying. It will get easier. emoticon

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8/16/11 12:54 P

I had the same problem, kept my weight off for 7 years and then it just started climbing back up. For me it's my emotions..I really have to keep them under check or I can't control my eating. I had a bad day yesterday and found myself "medicating" with food again. I made a decision not to do that today and am feeling much better.

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8/16/11 12:37 P

As if spliting my pants isnt enough motivation I am just having a really hard time getting motivated. I have gained most of my wieght back after keeping it off for 5 years, the last 2 years for me have totally sucked, I fell in Nov 2009 broke my tailbone in 2 places ended up having surgery in May 2010 to have the piece of tailbone removed the never healed. Then was doing good going back to the gym and feeling really good then February 2011 at the gym I hurt my back leaning over it felt the a water ballon popped in my back so here I am back still messed up I need to have a spinal fusion but I am doing everything to try to put it off as long as possible. But I feel fat and disgusting. Nothing fits, I try to had to eat healthy but I just get so hungry I sometimes feel as if I could chew off my own arm, and my weight just keeps climbing. I feel like I am starting to get depressed. . . what can I do to get motivated and stay that way . . . .

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