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5/11/14 11:26 A

thank you for your responses. I know I am making more of a headache for myself than I should. I am going to use the fitness generator here too to give me exercises I can do. Thanks again.

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5/11/14 8:22 A

The thing I would encourage you to do is start small. Don't feel like you have to learn it all and do it all right away. You could make a goal to start with a cardio machine (these are fairly easy to operate) and then try one machine each time. Perhaps your son could show you how to use something. It is hard (at least for me, I am a shy person) to ask people but you can watch and there are usually some instructions on the machine. Just take it one step at a time.

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5/10/14 11:03 P

hmm maybe google some workout routines and follow those at the gym might help you out emoticon

5/10/14 9:19 P

Hello all

Joined the gym in March with my son and am having a hard time staying motivated. The machines overwhelm and intimidate me. I cannot afford a trainer for myself and my son so I paid for just him. I am at a loss when I am there which then makes me lose my motivation to go. I don't want to waste money which is very limited at this time. Please give me some motivation and routines I can do that will keep me focused and engaged in my goals.

Any and all thoughts are welcomed

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