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11/7/13 10:40 A

Your body weight exercises sound good- try making them more challenging per the suggestions below. I would increase cardio- mix in some longer runs and you might get the jumpstart you need!

And, fwiw, I just compared some basic measurements and since August 13 I've lost about 14" from chest/hips/waist/arm- I'm definitely taking a full set of measurements now so I can compare down the road- so I really encourage you to do it too!

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11/7/13 10:35 A

Since you're familiar with basic body weight exercises, I highly recommend checking out "Body by You" by Mark Lauren. It shows body weight exercises for a full body workout and helps you progress as you get stronger.

I also second the suggestion to not focus so much on weight but on measurements. For example, a year ago I weighed about what I do now (160#) but my hips and waist were at least 2" bigger each and my arms were flabby as hell. One poster on the forums here has a great quote in her signature about how she has 30# on Nicole Riche but wears the same size pants. Strength training is how she got there. Your weight can fluctuate up to 5# a day due to water weight, bowel movements, etc. And that's not even counting hormone changes around your TOM! Using a tape measure to gauge your progress will be much more consistent than a scale when you have so little to lose.

Also eating under 1200 calories will only hinder your efforts.

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11/6/13 10:52 P

Thank you so much for your reply! I run a mile, plank for over 2 minutes, do approx. 60+ sit ups, 60+ crunches, 30+ reverse crunches, 20+ squats, 20+side leg lifts, 60+ second calf raises and so on. As of now I do not have any weights to do lifting with. I am always on the rush so when I do have a time to eat, it's very little of any rice/bread. I eat with smaller salad plates versus a normal dinner plate, and drink 1-2 glasses of water before my meals.

I do track my meals, everyday my total intake is different either by 100 less or 100 calories more.

Mind if I ask what exercises are best for trimming down?

LOTUS737 Posts: 4,347
11/4/13 1:16 P

i really don't think you're eating *enough*! 500 cals is far too low.

what i would recommend is accurately tracking your intake and exercise- in order to lose 2lb/week, you need a weekly deficit of 7000 calories, so a 1000 calorie deficit every day. (go to reports and you can find it there). you need to eat at least 1000-1200 calories/day, and the remainder of your deficit will come from working out.

do you strength train? what other exercise are you doing? you may need to change it up- but bear in mind that your weight may initially go up with different work outs (but that's not a true gain).

also make sure your cals burned are accurate- personally i feel best using a hrm with my weight entered 10-15 lb less than it is to buffer the inaccuracies.

you can certainly reach your goal- but you should also focus on things beside the number- take your measurements, set fitness goals, etc. if you do like to weigh yourself, remember that your weight will fluctuate- try to weigh yourself at about the same time in the day at the same status (before/after breakfast, etc) and clothes. you will notice fluctuations if you track and if you keep track of your deficits they won't freak you out! eg my weight goes up 1-3 lb a couple days after strength training- i know i didn't eat that many extra cals, so the number will go back down! you also have to remember that just b/c you have a 3500 cal deficit, the scale may not show 1 lb loss.

congrats on the upcoming engagement! no matter your weight at that point, you'll be so happy!

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11/3/13 9:09 P

I'm 5'2" petite+curvy female and was 125. Now I'm 140. I've been running a mile and doing various exercises, eating smaller portions, drinking green tea, drinking lots of water, and such...I incorporate more veggies than fruits in my diet. Exercising I lose an average of 350-400 a day. And consume about 500 cals a day.

I noticed my face has gotten smaller a bit, but what else can I do to lose 1-2 lbs a week.

I honestly am scared to look at the scale and not see any difference within the numbers. I wanna be able to exercise and feel the difference and weigh myself after 1 1/2 months or so.

I'm getting engaged in Dec, and atleast lose 10-15 lbs on average. I'm just really stressed and feel upset when I look at pictures from literally 6-7 months ago and see how fitter (and I didnt even exercise on a "daily" then!)

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