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6/29/13 12:12 P

Thanks so much, guys. I'm taking it in tomorrow to see if it can be altered and if not I'll look into panels or some other solution. I think to a certain extent I just needed permission to go easier on myself. I don't want to fall back into dangerous eating habits so I think right now I'm just going to focus on eating normally and healthfully again before focusing on the weight loss.

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6/28/13 10:39 P

If the dress does not have sufficient fabric in the alternative is to add some "V" shaped inserts under the arms, and/or in the back in a neutral color matching fabric.... I had this done for my dress for my sister's wedding many years ago!! And, it didn't cost that much really....

I know the trend many times now is that the Bridesmaid dresses don't really match anyway, so if you can pick up a fabric from one of theirs or that matches the pattern of the Brides material (if her dress is patterned some) it will look lovely. And depending on the style of the wedding and dresses, a bow with several flowing ribbons down your back would cover the zipper area if an inset is put into it..... Its in the back, and trust me...its unlikely anyone will notice, because all eyes are on the Bride.....!! If anyone asks...just tell them there was a mixup, and the wrong size dress came, so an insert made this one fit nicely. (No need to elaborate further!!)

In any case, don't get down on yourself....Just file this in the Things Happen category and go enjoy the wedding!

PS--Congrats on your 91 pounds lost!! AMAZING and INSPIRING!!!

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6/28/13 6:42 P

Some dresses don't actually allow for alterations - not enough in the seams or the style. IF this is like your dress, then buy an undergarment that 'slims you down' - I have a tubular one - I didn't think it would do diddly squat because it has 'gentle' pressure, but when I put it on, I was totally amazed.

Panicking and resorting to over-eating, or eating junk, isn't going to help you achieve your goal. Take some deep breaths and concentrate your thoughts on what you need to achieve, then TRY to relax.

Good luck, and enjoy the wedding :-)

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6/28/13 6:11 P

emoticon DON'T PANIC. emoticon
I am sure a seamstress will be able to make it fit. And if you happen too loose too much until the wedding, just wear a padded bra.

And you still have plenty of time to loose an inch without going to the extremes. Maybe just focusing on loosing some water weight could help? Cut back on the sodium and up the walks and water. You can do this!

And if all fails I recommend trying some kind of shapewear. (if you can fit that under your dress that is.) I have a few shirts I use because the back band on my bra and the bra straps creates bulges on my back. Personally I think the shirts are uncomfortable, but when I _need_ to look good for a few hours I will just squeeze in and grin and bear it. Better than having boobs both front and back ;)

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6/28/13 6:03 P

I agree. Get in to get it altered. Even if you can lose the weight, it's possible it may not come off in the right spots, and you don't need that worry hanging over your head. In fact, worrying may cause you to retain weight. Do your best to eat nutritious foods and use your tracker. Even if you get it altered a bit AND lose weight, it should still fit beautifully. Yes, alterations cost money, but with a time crunch and with a big event like a wedding, you need to be able to enjoy it rather than be forced with the possibility of a meltdown.

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6/28/13 4:58 P

Take it for alterations. If it fits *most* parts of your body, there should be enough material in the seams to allow for it to be taken out a bit in the chest. Take it to a proper seamstress, who will know what to do and will be able to make it work for you. Do it now, as it might take a couple weeks turnaround time to get it done.

Then all you have to focus on is hanging-steady at the size you are. And if you happen to lose a few more pounds and/or an inch or two, the dress will still fit, doesn't matter if it is slightly on the large side of form-fitting.

The pressure to "reduce or else" rarely results in actual weight reductions; it ironically seems to have the opposite effect, all that stress triggering our reaction-to-stress habits to emerge (i.e. comfort eating). So go with Plan B and make the dress fit YOU, instead of trying to make you fit the dress.

6/28/13 4:21 P

So I'm in a wedding five weeks from tomorrow, and being the idiot I am I ordered a size 8 dress. At the time a size 10 fit perfectly and I was about five-ten pounds higher than I am right now. The dress fits everywhere except around my rib cage - the zipper won't go up and I'm thinking it's going to take one to two inches to make it fit comfortably. I'm panicking and need all the advice I can get on dropping as much as possible (while still being healthy) in the next five weeks. HELP!

ETA: The main reason I'm having trouble dropping right now is I've already lost 40 pounds and have hit a mini-plateau + I'm having a resurgence of my binge-eating issues right now. Trying to get past them again but it's really hard to stick to it right now.

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