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8/1/11 10:28 P

Check out Eddie Baurers ripstop shorts 19.99 Clearance has 10 different styles. emoticon

I also find mens unisex Champion Shorts,the most forgiving sale 3 pairs for $20.

I carry alot of weight in my belly BTW.

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8/1/11 9:22 P

I have been walking for at least 15 years and when I was fat I wore maxi length full flounced skirts and flowing tops. Now I usually wear CK (Calvin Klein) bermuda length shorts that I buy at costco....I like having pockets. For the past year I have been wearing Kangoo Jumps to add fun and extra calorie burn. I get lots of comments and questions and have gained friends, smiles and a wonderful sense of kinship with my neighborhoods.

I do not think it matters what you wear as long as it is comfortable for the climate and you have great walking shoes.

Go for it!! emoticon It is a great way to connect to nature and happy harmony for brain/body.

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8/1/11 6:52 P

Hello! I'm not sure if this is a good place to ask this question, but you are the target age-range I have in mind :-) I joined this site 4 years ago but haven't done anything with it besides add a few years to my user name :-)

I want to start some serious walking/jogging/exercise (besides taking the dog out on occasion) and would like to feel good about what I'm wearing. My list of excuses for not starting are too long already - maybe if I'm wearing something I like I'll get out there??

I'm 5'5" and weigh 140 lbs, with a tummy pooch that I feel very self-conscious about if I'm wearing something too snug. I don't like the way loose running shorts look on me, but I've never dared step outside a dressing room in the tight ones. I want to wear something that's going to inspire me to really go for this, but not make me feel like a stuffed sausage and completely silly. I love the way snug shorts feel, though - maybe with a sports bra and a loose top that's "long enough" without feeling sloppy?

I'd love some ideas! And also where to look. I've gone to Kohls and JCP and a sporting store several times. Maybe I'm just not sure of the look I'm after. I don't know, but I'd love to hear from someone here. By the way, my husband is 60 and has run several marathons and subscribes to Runner's World. Everybody in that magazine looks great. I love that look but need something a little more realistic :-)

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